The WORST Thing For Weight Loss (That You Don’t Know About)

the worst thing for weight loss

OK so there are a few really bad things for weight loss... The main ones being overeating and binge eating. Believe it or not, exercise isn't as important because you can still lose weight without exercise.But there is one other thing that preven'...

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How To Eat & Exercise Like A Miss Universe Contestant – Danica Butler Guest Post

how to eat and exercise like a miss universe contestant

I was super excited to interview Danica to find out how she stays in such great shape, plus how she prepared for the Miss Universe competition! Her abs are next level! So of course I asked some tips about how she got these abs ;) I hope you enjoy th'...

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Lower Ab Workout – No Gym Required!

lower ab workout

This lower ab workout will help you strengthen your core and tone up your abs! But I always like to remind people that while ab exercises strengthen and build your ab muscles, they don't spot reduce fat. Losing fat on your abs comes from a combinatio'...

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Why Are My Legs Getting Bigger From Running?

legs getting bigger from running

I get a lot of complaints from women who have found their legs getting bigger from running, which isn't the desired results for most of us. So let me explain why this is happening.Running uses your glutes, quadriceps, hamstring and calves constan'...

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Model Workout & Diet Tips – Ebony Walton Guest Post

model workout and diet tips

I've never met Ebony, but I feel like I know her just through her social media. She's such a beautiful and kind person, and she keeps it real. Her Instagram is totally motivating with gorgeous pics of herself on modelling jobs and on the beach.Re'...

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Lower Body Workout That Won’t Add Bulk

lower body workout that won't add bulk

I love working my booty and legs, but too many squats and lunges just make my legs bigger. This is a lower body workout that won't add bulk - it will help you tone up but keep your legs slim! HOW TO COMPLETE THE CIRCUIT Complete each exercise for 3'...

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