Fitness & Diet Tips From The Victoria Secret Angels

fitness and diet tips from the victoria secret angels

Victoria Secret angels are known for their amazing bodies. They're always posting workouts videos and photos on their Instagram, and I love how they share this information with us!I've trawled through the internet (and social media) to find these'...

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Full Body HIIT Workout That Won’t Cause Bulk #3

hiit workout that won't cause bulk

A lot of women find that their legs tend to get overly muscular when they do too much HIIT. I have posted two full body HIIT workout that won't cause bulk. And they have been very popular, so I thought I would continue posting these workouts for yo'...

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How To Lose Fat From Stubborn Areas (Inner Thighs, Lower Belly, Hips, Back of Arms)

I know that you can't spot reduce fat. This means that if you do crunches, it's not going to help you get rid of the fat from your stomach. But you can do certain things to help lose fat from stubborn areas, such as inner thighs, hips (muffin top),'...

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Hip, butt and thigh workout #2

hip butt and thigh workout

This workout will help tone up your hip, butt and thigh areas without increasing the size of your legs. I have also posted another workout like this so have a look at that one too :) HOW TO COMPLETE THE CIRCUITDo all of these exercises on one'...

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Healthy Foods That I Eat Everyday

A lot of women have trouble sticking to a healthy diet, or just knowing what to eat to be healthy. I love having variety in my diet and obviously I don't eat the same thing EVERY day, but there are certain foods that I do actually eat on most days. E'...

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Full Body Gliding Disc Workout

This workout uses gliding discs, and it can be done from home (or anywhere!). It's also an example of lighter resistance training, which will help you tone up without getting bulky.You don't necessarily need to use gliding discs - you can use a t'...

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