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A Word From

Rachael Attard

Hi, I’m Rachael. I’m an Australian personal trainer, nutritionist and blogger

I help women get slim and toned bodies, without getting bulky.

Over the years, I discovered that there are 3 steps to getting slim legs. It is
low-intensity cardio, the correct type of resistant training, and a healthy (but also tasty) diet.

Now, I share my knowledge with over 1 million readers a year!

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Which Metabolic Body Type Are You?

Did you know that:

  • 1 out of 3 body types have a hard time losing weight!
  • 2 out 3 body types can gain muscle very easily!
  • 3 out 3 body types need different nutrition and workout plans to get a beautiful lean look!

I have created this quiz to help you discover your metabolic body type.