It’s tough being a girl sometimes! I don’t know about you but about 5 days before my time of month, I have intense cravings for chocolate! Here is how I deal with these cravings.

Keep Healthier Alternatives

I always keep some healthier alternatives in the house, especially when I know my cravings are due. I usually crave sweets (i.e. chocolate) so I make my own healthy chocolate balls made from dates, nuts, cacao powder and coconut. I have another blog post with all different healthier options to satisfy certain types of cravings so have a read of this for some ideas.

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Get Your Fix

Sometimes eating a healthy chocolate ball just isn’t going to do it for me. If the healthy version didn’t satisfy your craving and you’re still craving chocolate 1-2 hours later, then eat some! I used to just eat lots of other “healthy” foods but end up overeating and still not feeling satisfied. So now, if I REALLY want it, I will just allow myself to eat a little bit. I’ll eat a chocolate bar and be done with it, I just try not to binge on it.


Different tactics will work for everyone. Sometimes healthy snacks will satisfy my cravings and other times they won’t. Just listen to your body and do what is right for you. Don’t feel bad if you give in to cravings! It happens to everyone. Just try not to binge.

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