I have a LOT of healthy desserts in my Recipes section, so if you have a look there for some inspo!

But in this blog post I just wanted to talk about healthy desserts that are super quick and easy to make for when you’re craving dessert RIGHT now. And you can also have them as snacks!

Banana Ice Cream

This is such a good dessert because it genuinely tastes like ice cream! But is just made from bananas and milk. You do need to have frozen bananas ready (I ALWAYS have some in the freezer). You can also add anything else you want, but just remember that the more ingredients you add, the more calories you add too. I love adding cacao and peanut butter for a treat!

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cheesecake Smoothie

Check out this recipe for when you’re really craving some chocolate peanut buttery goodness.

Protein Balls

I know you’ve probably seen these everywhere, but it’s because they are so good! This recipe only has about 80 calories per ball, so they’re perfect for when you just need a little something sweet. And then can be made in just a few minutes.protein balls

Avocado Chocolate Mousse

To whip up some chocolate mousse, just put ripe avocado, sweetener (honey, maple, coconut sugar, etc), cacao powder and coconut oil in a blender and mix it all up. Easy!Vegan Chocolate Mousse

Choc Chip Cookies

These will only take about 10-15 minutes to prepare and cook! The recipe is quite healthy and uses sugar free chocolate chunks. Have a look at the recipe here.healthy choc chip cookies

Peanut Butter Cups

These take me about 5 minutes to make and then 5 minutes in the freezer and you have a healthy dessert in 10 minutes! The chocolate layer is made from cacao powder, honey and coconut oil. The peanut butter layer is just peanut butter and crushed nuts. This is one of my favourites!healthy dessert

Home Made Ice Blocks

These do take a little bit of preparation, but once you have them in the freezer, you can have them whenever you like! You can make them with whatever fruit you like too. In this recipe I used frozen bananas, and frozen strawberries, and you can add coconut milk, sweetener, etc.Healthy Popsicles

Healthy Chocolate

The base of the chocolate is cacao powder, coconut oil and honey. And then you can add whatever other ingredients you like! It will take a few hours to set in the fridge (or freezer if you’re impatient). Check out my recipe for this healthy chocolate here.healthy desserts

Enjoy! And let me know if you make any of them :) xx

PS.  If you want to know how to fit treats like this into a balanced nutrition program, have a look and my eBooks! Both eBooks include a step-by-step 8 week meal plan (no 2 days are the same) and includes healthy treats like this xx

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  1. They all look yummy and healthy! How often can you snack these in a week? What’s recommended lol

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