I have done two blog posts on some awesome gyms in NYC that focus on lighter resistance training for lean and toned bodies. These are the style of workouts that models do to achieve that lean look and avoid getting bulky. You can read these blog posts here and here.

Anyway, I had a request to do the same for some gyms in Los Angeles. I haven’t tried any of these gyms out (but I would love to!). But they seem to be in this same style of workout, with more of a focus on lean and toned rather than heavy weight lifting and HIIT.

Let me know if you give any of these a try! I would love to hear what you thought about them :) xx

Shift by Dana Perri

All of the classes here are performed on a gymnastics style spring floor. There are both high and low impact classes, but they all use light weights, resistance bands and medicine balls to sculpt a lean body – no heavy weights or plyometric style exercises here :) They also include cardio in their classes, which is awesome for those of you who have trouble doing cardio on your own.

Have a look at this video for some ideas on the style of workouts they do (just click on it the image). gym la dana perri

LIT Method

Lit stands for Low Impact Training. As you guys know, I love this style of training for getting toned without adding bulk. This gym has actually designed their own unique piece of equipment that the workouts are done on – it is a water rower with resistance bands. Most of their classes include rowing and resistance band workouts, and they claim to have no running, no jumping and no weights. I would love to give this workout a try!screen-shot-2016-12-10-at-4-43-46-pm


This gym has also designed its own unique piece of gym equipment. They’ve combined the reformer, wunda chair, ballet bar and jump board all into one machine. It seems like it would be a reformer class but much harder and with more diversity. Workouts are more focuses on your core, and they also use light hand weights. Another workout I would love to try!screen-shot-2016-12-10-at-4-51-25-pm

The Studio MDR

All of the workouts at this gym use megaformers (which I love!). The exercises are low impact and focus on getting lean bodies. They even have classes that specifically target ass and abs, and they have a huge class schedule. I haven’t been here, but I would compare it to SLT gym in New York which is also done on the megaformers (have a read of my review on this gym here).

David Barton Gym

This gym seems a bit more like a mainstream gym with lots of classes. BUT the classes are all the type of workouts that models would do to get in shape. There is more focus on lower impact workouts, pilates, boxing, etc rather than high impact, weight lifting, boot camp style classes. They have a huge range of classes – some of them include endurance cycle, kickboxing, power yoga, and ass, arms and abs. This would be awesome if you like a variety of different classes all at the one place.

Other Gyms

Here are some other gyms that I would recommend trying out if you like this low impact style of training. These gyms are also in New York and I have already done a review of them here and here.

  • Model Fit
  • Body By Simone
  • Flywheel Sports
  • Soul Cycle

And if you want to look like the Victoria’s Secret models and train like them, I have a workout video course that will help you achieve that model like look. The course lasts for 5 days and it’s completely free. You can download it below :)

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