If you find that you sit around for most of the day, here are a few things you can do to keep active and burn more calories during the day!

Get Up From Your Desk Every Hour

There are many of us that have pretty sedentary jobs (i.e. sit at a desk all day). Sitting for long periods of time can lead to all sorts of issues. So make an effort to get up from your desk every hour (on the hour if you need a reminder). Whether it is to talk to a co-worker (rather than sending an email), going to the toilet, grabbing a glass of water, or just to get up and go for a walk around the office.

burn more calories throughout the day

Park Further Away

I don’t know why but whenever I go somewhere, I always try and find the closest park possible. I’m sure I’m not alone. Next time think twice about it – park that little bit further away. A 5-minute walk back and forth might not sound like much, but every little bit counts! And when you’re deliberately trying to walk more, you will notice the difference.

Socialize While Walking

Thinking of something to do with your friends on the weekend? Instead of going out for lunch or coffee, go for a walk. Walking can sometimes be boring, but when you’re walking with a friend, you can walk for hours and not even think about it. Trust me, it won’t feel like exercise! You don’t have to limit to the weekend either. Why not go for a walk with a co-worker at lunch?

Find out why walking is such a great exercise to burn fat and get lean legs!

burn more calories throughout the day

Exercise While Cooking

Sounds weird right? I actually used to do this back at high school. While you’re standing over the stove or waiting for your toast to pop, why not do a few squats, lunges, incline push ups (hands on kitchen bench), star jumps, high knees, anything! Get creative.

Take The Stairs

A bit cliché I know, but as I said before, every little bit counts! Walking up and down stairs is great cardio and great for helping tone up your butt.

burn more calories throughout the day

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  1. Help! My legs bulked up in 3 days after doing chloe ting workouts, not that she doesn’t have great workouts but these REALLY bulked up my legs FAST, what do i do to get rid of it quickly????

    1. Hi lovely,
      The good news is that you will probably be able to slim down your legs relatively fast because it didn’t take you long to bulk them up – here’s a blog post I think could definitely help. <3
      Good luck, hun! xx

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