Most people who lose weight tend to put it back on again. Leading a healthy lifestyle can be hard at times, but it isn’t supposed to be so hard that you can’t maintain it. If you keep going up and down and yo-yo dieting, please read these tips and try to implement them. I promise it will help!

1. You Don’t Have A Support System

This one is important but is often overlooked. If your family, partner or housemates eat really unhealthy and party every weekend, chances are, you’re going to be doing the same. Try to talk to someone you live with and get them to support you! Or if you live by yourself, find a friend or family member who might be on the same page and help motivate each other.results

2. You Don’t Have A Plan

If you just eat whatever and do whatever exercise you feel like, you might maintain your weight, but it is unlikely that you will improve. You need to have some sort of plan (even if it’s something you write out for yourself) that you stick to. Schedule in your workouts, write them on a piece of paper – this will help keep yourself more accountable and you are more likely to follow it. Do the same with your meal plans!weight loss

3.  You Only Think Short Term

Losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a long term thing – it is forever! Yes it’s great to set a short term goal, but always keep the long term in the back of your mind. If you don’t reach your short term goal, you may be tempted to give up. Don’t! This needs to be something that you can keep up forever, and it doesn’t matter if it takes a long time. Slow and steady results are better than crash dieting and then giving up.success

4. You Have No Balance

As I mentioned, this needs to be something you can maintain forever. Can you really say that you won’t eat any sugar for the rest of your life? If this is something you can do, then good for you! But most people can’t. Being too restrictive is not realistic and can lead to binge eating and other disorders. So just try to focus on sticking to your workout program and eating well as often as you can. If you go out for dinner with family or friends and it’s not that healthy, don’t get down about it – enjoy it!balance, wine, cooking, couple

5. You Get Too Wrapped Up In The Details

I get a lot of questions from women about how many carbs they should be eating, or if they should be eating more protein, etc. Yes some macronutrient splits suit some body types better than others, but if you’re eating the right amount of food and eating healthy, you WILL get results, whether you’re eating 20% carbs or 50% carbs. Don’t be too obsessive about it and stress out if you eat too many carbs for a day.How to Calculate Macronutrients

6. Your Plan Isn’t Personalized To Suit You

Not all workout and nutrition programs will suit everyone. Your body is individual and your goals are your own. Don’t just follow any old program and hope for the best. Do some research and find out what you think will suit you best! My skinny legs eBooks are only for women who want a lean and toned body, don’t want to do heavy lifting or have gained too much bulk and want to slim down. It is very specific and I know it does not suit everyone, but it’s not meant to. If you love heavy lifting, find a great heavy lifting program for you! There are plenty of them out there. If you like a leaner body type, then maybe my eBooks are for you. But either way, do your own research before starting something.

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