Have you been dreaming of a flat tummy and toned abs? This is a very common goal for many people and it’s a harder to achieve since many women struggle with belly fat. It’s such a problem area!

That’s why we’re here show you an ab workout that is going to help you get great results, but you also need to keep in mind that doing JUST ab workouts, won’t help you lose belly fat specifically.

You need to be losing body fat overall to achieve this, since you can’t spot reduce fat. It’s important that you combine resistance training that you can do from this ab burn workout for women with a healthy diet as well as cardio (try to get those steps in every day)!

Once you do this, you will get those amazing results you have been looking forward to. :)

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How to Complete This Circuit

  • Complete each exercise for 30 seconds
  • Try not to rest between exercises
  • After 1 round, rest for 30 seconds
  • Complete 3 rounds in total

Try This Ab Burn Workout for Women

1. Plank Tucks on Gliding Discs

2. Tabletop Shoulder Tap and Kick Back on Gliding Discs

3. Plank with Alternate Leg Glide

4. Pikes on Gliding Discs

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Love from Rachael and the Femme Nativa Team Xx

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