About Rachael Attard

Qualified PT & Nutritionist For Women Only

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Combining real life experience, unrivalled knowledge and a genuine

passion for health and fitness

I am a fully qualified group fitness and personal trainer, having studied a Bachelor of Science, Cert III and IV in Fitness and a Sports Nutrition Certificate.

My real passion is helping women discover how to live happier and healthier lives by making the right fitness and nutrition choices. Above all I’m a real fitness enthusiast and I love to share my secrets to looking good and feeling great, with any women out there who are struggling to get in shape.

I have bundled all my knoweldge into a number of personalised eBooks to help you acheive your body goals. I also regularly write blog posts to tips to help educate you on how to lead a healthy life. Check out my blog if you haven’t already!


rachael attard

“What makes me different to other so-called fitness experts is that I’ve been where you are. Over the years I’ve struggled with my diet and have had my own problems with not knowing how much to eat, binge eating, being overweight and underweight. Like many women out there I didn’t know much about exercise and nutrition. I thought that undereating and lots of cardio were how I needed to get lean and toned.

This is why I started my blog. I realised that so many women out there also had the same problems I did. I wanted to help other women become educated so that they too could become lean and toned, and happy with their bodies. And that was why I created my ebooks. My workout and nutrition ebooks have been designed to make it easy for any female to exercise and eat well, achieve amazing results and feel great about themselves!”