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Hi, Lovely!

I am Rachael Attard, and I'm a certified personal trainer and nutritionist. I am also the creator of the 3 Steps to Lean Legs Program - which is designed to help women get a slim and toned body, without getting bulky.

I hold a Bachelor of Science from the University of Queensland, a Cert III and IV from the Australian Institute of Fitness, and a Certificate in Sports Nutrition from the International Society of Sports Nutrition.

My mission is to empower women, help them feel good in their skin, and fall in love with exercise and their bodies!

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My Story

Have you ever heard any of these statements:

‘’Women do not have enough testosterone to get bulky.’’

‘’You have to get bigger to get smaller.’’

'’You have to lift heavy weights to slim down.’’

Have you ever felt that exercise has made your body bigger, but no-one seemed to take you seriously, brushing you off and telling you that women can't get bulky? 

I know how disheartening it can be when no-one seems to understand the way you feel, and don't understand that you just don't want to lift heavy weights anymore.

If you’ve experienced this- trust me, you’re not alone. I've been through the exact same thing.

When I first got serious about the gym, I started working with a personal trainer named Cassie. 

She put me on a weight lifting program, which I was excited to try because I had seen women get amazzzzing results lifting weights. In the past, I had only ever done cardio and gym classes, so I was happy to try something new.

After a few months of lifting weights, I was feeling great! My body had become really toned and I was still lean.

Fast forward another few months, and I was probably the fittest I had ever been. 


I had been training harder than ever - I was lifting heavier, always challenging myself, and still fitting in some cardio. But I was confused because my legs had become thick and muscular, my back was getting so broad that singlets and crop tops no longer fit, and I was even looking a bit flabbier. 

I didn't feel slim anymore, even though I had been training SO HARD! I felt uncomfortable in my new body, and I felt bulky!

I talked to my trainer Cassie about it and she told me that women couldn't get bulky because we don't have enough testosterone. She also said that having lots of muscle was a good thing and that I should try to keep increasing it. I told her that I wanted to try and slim down some muscle, but she kept telling me that this shouldn't be my goal.

All I really wanted was to feel comfortable in my body again, but she didn't seem to understand.

I stopped personal training with Cassie and I tried a lot of different workouts to see how they affected my body. That's also when I decided to study fitness and nutrition for myself. It had become my passion! 

I found that almost all personal trainers put women on the exact same weight lifting program, regardless of their goals or body type. Some women were bulking up like me, but others looked great.

It took me a few years, and a lot of research, but I finally found out why this doesn't work for everyone. It is because women's bodies respond differently to exercise, and how your body responds depends on your BODY TYPE.

I learned that there are 3 main body types - and each should follow a different workout and diet regime to achieve a lean and toned look.

After trying out lots of different workouts on myself and my clients, I learned how each of the body types should exercise to tone up, but stay lean. 

And I found out that it IS possible to slim down bulky muscle, slim down your legs, and get the lean and toned body you have always dreamed of. 

And I'm excited to share this with you!

But first, let's get some things straight.

I will be the first to say that my Lean Legs Program will not work for you, if:

  • You’re trying to build a substantial amount of muscle

  • You really enjoy CrossFit, sprinting, or lifting heavyweights

  • You do not feel like you can dedicate the next 8 weeks to achieving your goals

Women have different goals when they start their fitness journey, and if yours is to build a lot of muscle, or you love lifting heavy weights, by all means, go for it! I think being stronger is amazing and do not let me or anyone else stop you.

I am just here to serve women who DO NOT want to look bulky, but want to train, stay fit and look toned, but still look very feminine in their clothes.

The Lean Legs Program
Is Not For Everyone

My program IS for you if you really want to follow a fitness regime that will get you a lean body, without any fear of bulking up.

My program IS for you if you feel like you’ve bulked up too much with previous workouts.

My program IS definitely for you if you are aspiring to get slim legs, thinner thighs and a perky butt.

If this is you, then I’d like to welcome you to my Lean Legs Girls Club. 

But, do not only take my word for it- here are...

Legs are the hardest thing to trim down

Hope from the UK: ectomorph body type

"Legs have always been the hardest thing for me to trim down, so thank you SO much! 

Everyone needs to know how AMAZING your plan is, don’t contemplate buying it, just do it. 

It works!!!  #lifechanging"

Get the Program that Hope used

Hope from the UK, ectomorph

Never felt so happy in my entire life.. I must admit never reached such an amazing results in a short time! 

The plan is sooo amazing.. I honestly cannot emphasizes enough how great and well planned the challenge consists. 

And of course Rachael is so amazing and so supportive. Whenever I had a problem she replied in a matter of hours

Never felt so happy in my entire life

Check out 3 Steps to Lean Legs

Christiana, with endomorph body type

Christiana: endomorph body type

: @mrsjennasanders 

The Results Of The Girls Who Have Completed My Program

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Audrey Prater: mesomorph body type

I never thought I’d be able to lean out my muscles!

"Here’s my 6 month transformation <3 

I have never felt more happy&confident! Eternally grateful to you and your program! 

I never thought I’d be able to lean out my muscles!! Thank you thank you thank you!!"

Get 3 Steps to Lean Legs Program

Audrey Prater: @audprater, 
mesomorph body type

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