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adriana lima diet and exercise plan

I feel like Adriana Lima is known as one of the Victoria Secret angels who is known for having a more extreme diet and exercise plan. I’ve read stories about her about only consuming liquids for a week prior to the VS Show and also cutting out all food and drink (including water) 12 hours prior. These are a bit crazy and I’m not going to talk about this…

I want to talk about how Adriana Lima eats and exercises throughout the year to keep her body healthy and toned! This is the Adriana Lima diet and exercise plan.

Adriana Lima Workout Plan

Adriana’s trainer is Michael Olajide Jr, a former middleweight boxing champion. She has been training with him for around 10 years. Michael says he trains her like a professional boxer getting ready for a fight.

So what workouts does Adriana Lima actually do?

80% of Adriana’s workout program actually consists of boxing, because it is her passion and she loves it. Her sessions with her trainer Michael usually go for around 90 minutes and include a mix of jump rope, boxing and body weight exercises.

Adriana likes running and will run 3 miles (around 5kms) a couple of times per week. She also admits that she also likes classes such as Barry’s Bootcamp, but doesn’t like crossfit.

Adriana’s mentality to working out – “I like to sweat, and I like intense workouts, nothing slow.” And Michael’s comments on her workout ethic – “Adriana does what she has to in the gym. Her work ethic is out of control! When she gets in her mind she wants to get something done, she does it.”adriana diet and exercise plan

She is extremely dedicated. She workouts out at least 6 days per week (sometimes every day and sometimes twice per day, especially in the lead up to the VS show). She says that working out is really part of her life every day, and she NEVER misses a workout.

When travelling, Adriana travels with her jump rope. She says it’s hard to fit in workouts, but still does at least 10 minute of jump rope because even a little bit counts.

Adriana has some serious jump rope skills! Check out this video she posted on her Instagram.


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Adriana Lima Diet Plan

Adriana Lima is very consistent with her eating. She eats six meals per day and drinks 2L of water. This is a typical day of eating for her.

  • Breakfast = oatmeal with a mix of nuts and fruit (berries, almonds, sunflower seeds, raisins, dried cranberries, etc)
  • Morning snack = protein shake with fruit and vegetables
  • Lunch = chicken breast, sweet potato, quinoa/rice and vegetables
  • Afternoon snack = carrot sticks, celery sticks, nuts
  • Dinner = light salad with lean protein such as chicken or fish
  • Night snack = buckwheat, hemp milk and honey (eaten cold or hot)

Adriana says the buckwheat beverage she makes helps with her digestion & metabolism, and also helps satisfy her cravings for sweets.

Occasionally she will have some dark chocolate as a snack, especially when she needs an energy boost. And she drinks a cappuccino or latte every day with honey instead of sugar.adriana lima diet plan

Does Adriana Eat Cheat Meals?

Yes she does! This is what Adriana said in an interview – “I love chocolate cake, and every time I eat it I just enjoy it so much. Right after I feel a little bit guilty because I’m the type of person to have two or three pieces of chocolate cake. I cannot control myself!” Good to know we’re not alone!adriana lima diet plan

Other Tips

Adriana knows the importance of sleep and gets NINE hours of sleep per night! She also does some meditation before bed to help relax.

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  • Lena says:

    That’s super motivating! I want to try doing jump rope too but am scared it’s going to make my legs bulky… I’m a mesomorph. Do you have any advice for that?

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