Since you girls are loving my model workout and diet blog posts, I’ve decided to focus a bit more on these! 

In this blog post, I’ll tell you all about how former Victoria Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio stays so fit and healthy :)


As you’d probably expect, Alessandra has a healthy diet year-round. And she likes to cook her own healthy meals.

alessandra ambrosio diet and workout routine


Alessandra knows that eating protein for breakfast is a great way to stay fuller for longer. She starts off her day with a cup of coffee, freshly squeezed juice and eggs and/or avocado toast.


She prefers to workout before lunch and she usually grabs a green juice straight after her work out.

For lunch, she usually has a salad with chicken or fish. If she’s at home, she cooks her own lunch and if she’s working she tries to find a healthy take out.


For dinner, if she’s going out with her friends her favourite meal is sushi. But if she’s staying at home, she usually makes a family dinner. And Brazilian BBQ is her absolute fave :)


When she’s on-the-go, her favourite snacks include chia seed energy bars, almonds and fruit. She usually carries these at all times, so she’s not tempted to reach for a sugary treat.

Even though she tries to have a healthy diet, Alessandra does have a couple of guilty pleasures – red velvet upcakes and red wine!

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When she was younger, she actually didn’t have the best diet. She would eat a whole packet of cookies and felt horrible afterwards.

But with time, she realized that she’s not doing her body any good that way. So Alessandra started to pay more attention to what her body was telling her.

Whenever she felt like she was overindulging, she would remind herself how she felt the last time she did it. And that worked!

Alessandra still continues to eat food that tastes good but when her body sends her “I’m full” signal, she stops eating.



Alessandra also said in an interview that she doesn’t really stick to a particular diet since she doesn’t think they work.

She tried dieting after having a baby in 2008 but she really hated it. 

“I don’t cut out any food groups. I’m all about moderation…So if I want a little bit of dark chocolate on a plane or a cocktail with friends on the weekend, I’ll have it. In fact, I’ll drink a glass of red wine with dinner most nights, and two or three times a week I’ll have a cup of tea and a cupcake…”

I really like this tip!

If you want something that is not considered healthy, have it. Don’t restrict yourself!

There are going to be times when you eat worse than normal and fall off track a little bit. But that’s normal! We’re all just humans. Just pick yourself up and get back to being healthy :)


Alessandra worked as a VS model for 17 years which is pretty impressive :)

In 2017 she said goodbye to Victoria’s Secret, but not before she shared all of the diet secrets.

You might be surprised, but her diet right before the VS show isn’t that different from her regular diet!

She would always stick to her high-protein breakfast – eggs and/or avocado toast. And for lunch, she would grab a salad – quick and easy.

And after the show, the girls would usually go to celebrate with pizza and burgers :)


So now we know what the Alessandra Ambrosio diet is, let’s take a look at what her workout routine is.

I was surprised to learn that before starting her VS career, Alessandra didn’t really exercise.

“In my family, no one ever worked out. It wasn’t until I did my first Victoria’s Secret show that I started exercising,” said Alessandra in an interview

Now, if she has a big event or a shot, she tries to spend about an hour and a half working out almost every day.

Alessandra looks amazing and if want to look and train like her, now you can! I’ve created a 5-day video course which will help you achieve that model like body. All 5 workout videos are completely free! :)



Alessandra is not the biggest fan of running. But she tries to do it when she can because she knows how important cardio is if you want to stay lean :)

She also incorporates cardio into her everyday routine in other ways to keep it interesting and varied. 

“Instead of running indoors, I go for a run in my neighbourhood, take a hike with friends or play volleyball at the beach,” she says.


When she still worked as VS angel, she used to train with Tracy Anderson. Tracy combines cardio dance training with bodyweight or light weights resistance training (3-pound dumbbells, ankle weights) with a high number of reps (15-20). 

She liked doing these workouts because they felt more like a dance class than a workout. In an interview she did in 2017, she said that she tries to go to a Tracy Anderson workout class every day of the week. That’s dedication!

If you like lighter resistance training and bodyweight exercises, you will probably like my VS workouts! You can find them below :)

Upper body – Victoria’s Secret Arm Workout

Victoria’s Secret Ab Workout 

Lower body – Victoria’s Secret Leg Workout 


Now Alessandra also does lots of Pilates and yoga. It’s a great type of lighter resistance training if you want to get lean and toned without getting bulky.


When she just started getting into fitness, Alessandra didn’t really enjoy it. But with time, her attitude completely changed :)

Here’s what she says:

“What changed my attitude to fitness was finding all these classes that I really enjoyed doing. I do one called Pilates Platinum in L.A. once a week, which makes your abs and legs super-tight and toned, and I’m obsessed with the Bar Method, which I do three times a week and reminds me of the ballet classes I did for eight years as a kid.”

Working out doesn’t have to feel like a chore.

If don’t feel like running, try some other types of cardio like walking, boxing or swimming.

If you don’t like weights, you don’t have to do them!

There are some many different options. You just need to find the one that is perfect for you and you’ll start to enjoy fitness much more :)


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I hope you enjoyed this post and getting an insight into the Alessandra Ambrosio diet and workout routine. 

If there are any other models or celebrities that you admire and would like to learn more about them, let me know in the comments!

Love Rachael xx

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