Rachael Attard is a Fitness and Health company founded and creatively directed by fitness entrepreneur Rachael Attard. Our mission is to empower women, help them feel good in their skin, and fall in love with exercise and their bodies!

Composed of fitness instructions, cardio workouts, and individualized meal plans, our Lean Legs fitness programs are created to help you seamlessly transition from bulky to lean. Whether you purchase our eBook, video workouts, or premium package, you will receive a product customized to suit your unique body type.

With our growing team of talented professionals and constantly expanding product offerings, the Rachael Attard brand is becoming a favorite choice for the modern woman.

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About Rachael

Rachael is an Australian trainer and nutritionist focused on helping women get toned but feminine bodies, without getting bulky.  

In the past, Rachael herself struggled to find the right combination of exercise and nutrition plan, which resulted in the unwanted “bulky aesthetic.” Being constantly dismissed by her trainers didn't help either. That inspired her to start thinking about developing a workout and nutrition plan that will empower women of all ages and backgrounds to achieve the best version of themselves!

After a lot of testing and research, she designed a Lean Legs Program that helps women get a slim and toned body in a healthy and balanced way. Now she shares tips on her blog, which reaches over 2.8 million readers a year!

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Company Story

We believe that a healthy diet is a foundation for the healthy life and for achieving successful fitness results. We created a list of healthy meals and nutrition tips to help you stay on track and fight those pesky cravings! 

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Eat Healthy with Rachael

Our exercises are adjusted not only to your busy lifestyle but also to your individual body type. After trying out lots of different workouts on herself and her clients, Rachael learned how each of the body types should exercise to tone up, but stay lean.

There are 3 main body types - and each should follow a different workout and diet regime to achieve a lean and toned look.

Our Body Type Quiz will help you discover your body type!

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