Barre is a ballet inspired workout which also includes elements of pilates, yoga, and strength training. During this type of training, it’s common to see a lot of classical ballet moves such as the plie.

These workouts can be great but you have to be careful which type you do. If you join a class that focuses a lot on squat jumps, squat holds and burpees, then you might notice your muscles growing in size. If that’s not what you want, then avoid these types of classes.

However, if the class is more focused on mat work and exercises at the bar, like in this post, then you should be good!

So try this barre inspired workout to tone your lower body. You can also add ankle weights (2lbs-5lbs) if you want a bit of a challenge, but it’s optional. :)

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How to Do the Circuit:

  • Do each exercise for 40 seconds
  • Do  them all on one leg, and then the other
  • Try not to rest so you can feel the burn
  • Aim for 2 rounds

Try This Barre Inspired Lower Body Workout



barre inspired workout


ballet inspired workout


lower body workout


workout to tone the lower body


lower body barre workout

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And if you’re looking for a stricter schedule, then try either Lean Legs Program 1 or Lean Legs Program 2. Both programs are designed to slim down your legs, but the difference is intensity. LLP1 is great for beginners while LLP2 is its perfect continuation and great for someone more advanced who is looking for a challenge.

Love from Rachael and the Femme Nativa team Xx

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