Looking for the best thigh slimming workouts?

This inner and outer thigh workout will help you tone up your legs and slim down your thighs :)

I love doing this type of workout because they require no equipment, they are quick and they help me tone my legs without making them bigger.


I know that thighs are a problematic area for a lot of girls.

And I also know that many of you have been pushed to do leg workouts (especially squats and lunges) that made your thighs bulk up, instead of slimming them down.

This workout will be perfect for you if you want to lean out your legs but without bulking up in the process. I specifically choose those exercise that will help you tone your thighs without making them bigger :)

Give it a try and let me know if you like it!



  • Do each exercise for 45 seconds.
  • Do all 5 exercises on one leg, before moving to the other.
  • Complete 2-3 rounds.

Enjoy! xx


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Love Rachael xx

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Rachael is an Australian born certified personal trainer and nutritionist who holds a Bachelor degree in Science.

After struggling for years to find an exercise and diet program that is tailored to women striving for lean and toned body with no bulk she designed her Lean Legs Program. This program is tailored to each body type and focused on helping women get toned but feminine bodies, without getting bulky.

Her mission is to empower women and help them stay in shape in a healthy and balanced way.

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  1. I am a teen, I have very fat thighs,calves and hips I don’t know what to do. I tried many weight loss apps but my willpower is so low I follow a diet and at last I will end up having junk food. I even tried many workouts form youtube videos but that’s not working. I seriously want to lose weight in my thighs,calves and hips.Please help me

    1. Hi lovely! ​Since you are still very young, your body is still going through a lot of transformations so ​if you want to lose weight, it’s best you talk to your parents so they can get you an appointment with a specialist. A nutritionist can advise you on your nutrition and workouts so that you can achieve the results you wish in a healthy way that suits your age.
      Wishing you all the best! xx

  2. Hi Rachael & team, I hope you are all well and safe! I want to ask what your suggestions are for Latina/Black girls that are naturally fuller in the booty area. I did this workout and felt like my bum had become rounder and perkier the next day (maybe from the donkey kicks & pulses?). But for those who have a perky (larger) bum (and don’t want to give their booty any more assistance), how do you suggest going about working out? I would even go for a booty that is (dare I say it…) smaller. Do you have any suggestions, and is your lean legs workout plan tailored for the fuller girls that really, desperately do not want a larger booty? Thanks!

    1. Hi lovely,

      Rachael’s program is tailored for each body type. Following the right type of workouts and diet for you is very important in order to achieve your goals so we should start with that. Feel free to take Rachael’s Body Type Quiz and email us the results to That way, we can figure out which program will suit you best and also give you some general guidelines. :)


  3. Hey there, I’m 24 year old,and I’m struggling with my thighs, specially inner thigh,they are getting bullky day by day..and my upper body seems perfect..but not thighs and legs… please can you help me to get lean legs..

    1. Hi lovely,

      Thanks for reaching out!

      Do you know your body type? If not, no worries! You can take Rachael’s free body type quiz here. Once I know your body type, I can send you some tips and advice :)


  4. Can you review Tracy Anderson’s streaming workouts? I’ve been doing them religiously for 6 years at least 6 days a week (advanced class for one hour per day, plus 3-4 days of dance cardio for 30 minutes), but my thighs and butt aren’t where I want them to be. I’m an ecto/meso and don’t have weight to lose (I’m 5’9 and 125 pounds), but my thighs have cellulite and saddle bags that won’t budge and my bum is small and a bit saggy with cellulite. A lot of Tracy’s moves look like your moves, so I’m curious how switching to your program can help. Note, I started walking 4-5 mile a day 2 weeks ago but I’m not seeing any changes yet.

    1. Hi lovely,

      Rachael hasn’t done a review on Tracy Anderson’s streaming workouts. I will bring up your suggestion to Rachael <3 Exercise and a healthy diet are a couple of things that really help with cellulite. Rachael has an awesome blog on cellulite that you can find here for more information

      Rachael’s Program is designed for each body type. The Program combines – low to moderate intensity cardio with high-intensity activities like running and resistance training. Also, it has a full low carb meal plan that’s going to ensure you’re eating at a slight calorie deficit and burning more calories than you’re eating.

      If you like, you can join Rachael’s Lean Legs Platform where you can download her free meal plan and her free week of follow at-home workout videos (the workout videos are part of the “Train Like A Model” series. It will take you 2 minutes to register and it’s completely free :)

      Please let me know if you have any questions! xx


  5. Hey there, all this information is very helpful. But should I do these exercises everyday and walk or should I alternate between walking and these exercises? Can’t wait to get this program in the future.

    1. Hey lovely,

      It would be the best if you’d practice this workout 3 times a week.
      You can go through this blog, or Rachael’s IGTV or YouTube to find more workouts and mix your own ideal resistance training.
      If you have hard time doing that, you can also just follow Racahel’s full body resistance training. :)

      Walking is suggested to be practiced daily, aim for at least 10 000 steps. :)

      Let me know if you have more questions. xx

  6. I am a 13 year old girl, I really struggle with my thighs espesially my inner thighs. I am tall, but my legs are very bulky and if I have a bikini on, my inner thigh goes in and makes it look really big. Please help me, summer is on its way and I really want slim legs!!

    1. Hi lovely,

      Thank you for reaching out! :)

      ​Since you are 13 years old, your body is still going through a lot of transformations so ​if you want to lose weight, it’s best you talk to your parents so they can get you an appointment with a specialist. A nutritionist can advise you on your nutrition and workouts so that you can achieve the results you wish in a healthy way that suits your age.

      Wishing you the best of luck! xx


  7. Hi i usually have a rectangular shape but lately have been getting a tighter waist and REALLYYY want to have slim and tiny legs and hips but lately when i have been working out i have been getting a bigger butt and hips which i know doesn’t sound like a bad thing,but i really want to slim them. I am shorter but a mesomorph body type and don’t like the look of wider hips on me also i have been getting these weird hip dips but aren’t really hip dips, they are more of fat gathering on top of my hips. Do you know why this is happening? And how to help me slim everything down, especially my legs? I want to get your guide but don’t have the money right now, please help

    1. Hi lovely,
      the key to weight loss is healthy nutrition (and eating at a slight calorie deficit!), low-intensity cardio (i.e. walking) and resistance exercises and all of this tailored for your specific body type. I first suggest you do Rachael’s free body type quiz to make sure that you are a mesomorph and after that, based on the results, you can take a look at one of the detailed guidelines for your body type: mesomorph, endomorph or ectomorph.
      Hope this helps! xx

  8. Good day. I have a wider and bigger upper body but a slimmer and smaller lower body. I am a mesomorph and an apple shaped person. I would like both to be balanced . I want a thicker leg that doesn’t look like a Male’s but a slightly bigger yet toned thighs without inner and outer thigh fat .

    I have started working out but haven’t seen any reduction on my thighs. They seem to have more fat while my legs seem bulkier at times which I like but sometimes thin again. Had it been that I had a balanced upper to lower body, I would definitely want a slim and toned lower body but due to my body, I would like them to be balanced but without necessarily being big. Sure the legs can increase a bit (but not like a male’s) but I would want way less fat on the thighs but one that is still balanced with my overall body.
    Please what kinds of exercise do you suggest I do?

    1. Hi lovely,
      If you’re naturally built this way (your upper body is naturally wider than your lower body) there’s only so much you can do to correct it with exercise.
      I would recommend doing resistance workouts for your lower body 3-4 days per week. You can also include ankle weights, gliding discs and resistance bands.
      As for the upper body, boxing works really well in making your arms and shoulders lean and toned without bulking.
      For more helpful tips please have a read of these blog posts:

      Diana xx

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