OK, Beyonce is an absolute queen. The woman is amazing, and we all know it. I don’t need to spend time telling all about this incredible woman!

Most of what Beyonce does seems effortless. She’s so poised and powerful, even during her two-hour performances!

But Beyonce is the first to admit that it takes work!

Beyonce likes to maintain her own private life, but she’s been very open about her diet and fitness. She acknowledges that she needs to watch her diet carefully and work out a lot in order to maintain her body.

Here’s how she stays in shape in the midst of being one of the most influential icons of our time!

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Beyonce is an endomorph body type. This body type tends to be curvy with a higher level of body fat. They’re able to gain fat and muscle more easily than other types, especially in their lower body!

I always tell girls that they shouldn’t aim to be another body type. All body types can be healthy, womanly, and beautiful, and Beyonce is proof of that!

If you’re not sure about your body type, you can do my FREE body type quiz and get tips on how to eat and train if you want to get the best possible results!

My general suggestions for endomorphs include:

  • Focusing on protein and fat. Processed carbs are not your friend. Try to eat a low-carb diet with plenty of vegetables, brown rice, and sweet potatoes. I suggest eating 20-25% carbohydrates, 45-50% fats, and 30% protein.
  • Doing low weight, high repetition resistance workouts.
  • Regular power walks to burn fat.
  • no HIIT and no running if you know that these types of workout bulk you up and that’s something you want to avoid


Beyonce doesn’t follow any strict kind of diet on a regular basis. Occasionally, she’ll go plant-based and vegan in preparation for a show. But this isn’t how she regularly eats.

Still, she’s very strict about what she puts in her body. She likes to eat whole, unprocessed foods, basically she eats clean as much as she can. Most of her diet involves vegetables, eggs, and lean protein with occasional whole grain.

On tour, Beyonce has the right to ask for what she wants. For example, she doesn’t allow any junk food backstage. Instead, she eats almonds, oatcakes, and greens.

Here’s what she eats for every meal:


Beyonce eats any of the following for breakfast:

  • Scrambled egg whites
  • Vegetable smoothies
  • Whole-grain cereal with whole milk


Beyonce tends to eat the same types of food for both lunch and dinner. She likes to eat vegetables with fish or lean meat. Beyonce avoids red meat most of the time.

She doesn’t eat much rice or pasta. Instead, if she wants a grain, she likes to eat quinoa. Quinoa is a good way to get protein too!

As an endomorph, it makes sense that she avoids lots of carbs. But she still likes to fill up for lunch, but she tends to eat a light dinner.


After she works out, Beyonce needs to eat something to replenish her body. She normally goes for a plant-based protein smoothie full of pea protein powder, almond milk, frozen fruit, and spinach.


Beyonce goes through rigorous diets to get ready for big events. She’s been known to say that she’ll get “chocolate wasted” to end her diet.

On Sundays, Beyonce likes to treat herself to one meal of anything she wants! Typically she likes to enjoy pizza with her family. She picks extra sauce and jalapenos as her toppings!


In 2018, Beyonce announced that she was going to go vegan for 44 days in order to prepare for Coachella.

She partnered with author and fitness expert Marco Borges, who created the 22-Day Revolution plan. The plan is all about eliminating all animal products from your diet for 22 days. For the diet to be successful, most people cut out alcohol too.

Marco says participants should have a lot more energy by the end of the diet.



Over the years, Beyonce has done different workouts to meet her specific body goals and needs. Here are some of the things that she does regularly.


It shouldn’t surprise anybody that Beyonce loves to dance. When she’s prepping for a tour, Beyonce spends a ton of time dancing (like hours and hours a day!).

But she also likes to dance and workout to music even when she isn’t getting ready for a tour. She likes to blast one of her favourite songs and do one workout move (like bicep curls) for the entire song.

She picks low weights for this, which is what I recommend for most women!



Beyonce needs to be able to move across a stage very quickly. And she needs to be able to do this while singing too!

In order to accomplish this, Beyonce does some intense cardio. Her trainer has her alternate between 1 minute of sprinting and 2 minutes of power walking for 30 minutes.


Beyonce posted a circuit workout on her Instagram. Here’s what she did:

  • Standing side crunches – 10 reps per side
  • Full body sit up with a medicine ball – 20 reps
  • Weighted alternating dumbbell punches – 10 per side
  • Explosive lateral bench hops – 10 per side
  • Forward lunges – 10 per side

I suggest going through this circuit at least three times for a really great workout!

Beyonce typically uses low weights, which is what I recommend for endomorphs. However, depending on her needs, she will increase her weight for various moves.

Remember, Beyonce is super active and she keeps her diet very clean. Her legs are powerful, and her strength is what allows her to be on stage for hours and hours at a time.


Beyonce prioritizes stretching at the end of every workout. This helps her stay flexible (which she needs for dancing!).

Stretching also helps your muscles repair faster, and it can help ward off post-workout aches and pains.


Beyonce’s a busy woman! She does mini-workouts on a regular basis. When she has a few extra minutes, she’ll do some squats, lunges, push-ups, and sit-ups.

These don’t replace her longer workouts, but they do give her little boosts throughout her day and week!


Beyonce is always pushing hard, but prepping for her Formation Tour was the next level!

Marco Borges, Beyonce’s trainer, said there were four main categories that they focused on: endurance, strength, balance, and flexibility.

Here’s what they did:

  • To improve Beyonce’s endurance, they focused on sprinting and boxing.
  • Beyonce became stronger with dedicated strength-training. Marco Borges recommends doing kettlebell squat-and-presses. They target all major muscles.
  • Single-leg step-ups to improve her balance.
  • Stretching after every workout helped Beyonce become ever more flexible.


Wow, this woman is amazing, and she works hard! She has so much going on, but she uses her diet and training to help her fulfill her dreams.

I admire that she doesn’t pretend that it’s easy. She pushes herself, and she isn’t ashamed to acknowledge how much time she spends becoming a bigger and better star! Her openness and dedication make her even more inspiring!

Love Rachael xx 

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Rachael is an Australian born certified personal trainer and nutritionist who holds a Bachelor degree in Science.

After struggling for years to find an exercise and diet program that is tailored to women striving for lean and toned body with no bulk she designed her Lean Legs Program. This program is tailored to each body type and focused on helping women get toned but feminine bodies, without getting bulky.

Her mission is to empower women and help them stay in shape in a healthy and balanced way.

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