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You all know I love my booty workouts! A common problem for many women is a lot of exercises that are great for building your butt can cause your legs to bulk up (especially your quadriceps). I love showing you all different types of workouts that you help solve this problem. This is a booty workout for women specifically, to help you build a perky butt, without getting bigger thighs.



Complete each exercise for 60 seconds. And do all 5 exercises on your left leg, before moving to your right.

If you can’t get to 60 seconds, you can pause and rest, but try to get to the full 60 seconds.

Aim for 2-3 rounds in total.

1. Star Kicksbooty workout

2. Bird Donkey Kick + Knee To Elbowbooty workout for women

3. Modified Lying Leg Liftbooty workout for women

4. Donkey Kick Lift + Flickbooty workout for women

5. Modified Clamshellbooty workout for women

I hope you enjoy the workout! :) xx

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7 comments on “Booty Workout For Women – Build Your Butt, Not Your Thighs”

  • Hanna says:

    Hi Rachael!
    I have a problem.. I am at a low body weight and also low body fat percentage (like 16% or something like that) but I also don’t have a lot of muscle mass. (I did a body scan test). I think that the low body fat percentage is because I have a really flat stomach and not huge boobs… But I still have kind of big/muscular thighs. The personal trainer advised me to do lots of heavy lifting to increase my muscle mass. But in the past I experienced that my legs got really bulky when lifting weights and doing leg targeted exercises… Now I really don’t know what to do. I know I need to increase my muscle mass but I don’t want to end up with bulky legs (in fact, I would rather like to slim down my muscular thighs a bit).
    I hope you can help me. Lots of love<3

    • Rachael Attard says:

      Hi Hanna! I would suggest maybe doing some weights for your upper body and core with your trainer, and then doing some cardio and lighter resistance training (such as my workouts) for your lower body so you don’t bulk up your legs. Even lighter exercises such as yoga and pilates can build some muscle, and I love swimming and boxing for toning up your upper body without adding bulk xx

  • NadineH says:

    Hello rachel !
    I have some questions about my wourkouts !
    I am a person who gains muscle easily especially in my thighs and they tend to get bulky !
    I am incorporating more cardio in my workout routine !
    I wanted to ask you about spinning classes ? Will it bulck me up even more ?
    I haven’t tried it yet so i don’t want to get into something with will not get me the results i want !
    Also , do i have to supress squats and lunges from my workouts ?
    Thank you so much xxx

    • Rachael Attard says:

      Hi Nadine, spin classes have different results for different body types. If you are shorter or an endomorph, then yes spinning will bulk you up. If you gain muscle easily and get bulky easily, then I would probably assume that spinning will make you more bulky. Also, yes I would stop squats and lunges for now as they can bulk you up too! Once you have reduced your muscle, you can start doing them again but I wouldn’t do them too much and wouldn’t do them with heavy weights. Good luck! xx

  • Nickie says:

    Hello, im only couple pounds away from my goal weight and I am happy with how my body looks except for my tights , I always struggle with. I build muscle very easily so I’ve been avoids all resistance training but I am suffering with cottage cheese and Jiggely looking legs. I’ve been fasted walking/running 4x week and I’m slimming them down but for the life of me can’t get ride of my cottage cheese and jiggely looking tights. What advice can you give me?

    • Rachael Attard says:

      Hi Nickie, definitely doing some resistance training will help you tone up your lower body :) You don’t need to avoid resistance training altogether, but just need to do the right type of workouts :) This type of workout and all the workouts on my blog will help you tone up these areas without bulking you up so definitely give them a go! Good luck xx

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