I’m sure you are all aware by now how much I love low intensity cardio such as walking for fat loss. But if walking and running aren’t your thing, then here are some other cardio ideas.

  • Swimming
  • Cycling
  • Skipping
  • Star jumps
  • High knee runs on the spot
  • Single leg hop
  • Plank jack
  • Burpees
  • Cross trainer / elliptical machine
  • Dancing
  • Sports

cycle spin group fitness class

Just remember that while all of these cardio exercises are great, the best form of cardio for leaning our your legs is walking and running (read more about this here).

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  1. Hi Rachael,

    You have mentioned before that you would recommend doing 45-60min power walking sessions.

    How long would you recommend doing for other cardio sessions such as running, boxing, etc?

    Many thanks

    1. Hi lovely,

      Thanks for reaching out! :)

      Rachael recommends focusing on 2-3 miles— or around 30 minutes— each time you go for a run. If you can’t do the full 30 minutes, being able to run at a medium-fast pace for at least 20 minutes would be a great start. As for other forms of cardio, such as boxing, Rachael recommends 45-60 minutes as well. You can follow this video, I think you will find it interesting.

      Also, please be aware that the type of cardio you do depends on your body type. For instance, some endomorphs who are on the shorter side get bulky from running so this fits your description, you would have to check the effect running has on you :) If you’re not sure what your body type is, here is a link to Rachael’s body quiz.

      Let me know if you have any more questions. xx



  2. Hello again Rachael.

    Do you recommend the trampoline to get/keep skinny legs? Also, how about indoor Spinning?

    1. Hi again lovely! Hmm I’m not too sure about the trampoline – I think one session per week couldn’t hurt :) Spinning works for some body types but it does focus all on your legs. Personally when I was doing cardio only and did lots of running and indoor spinning my legs really slimmed down. I would give it a go once per week, but if you notice them bulking up, maybe swap it for running xx

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