5 Ways To Make Your Pantry Healthier

5 ways to make your pantry healthier

If you have goals to lose weight or to become healthier, then a pantry full of processed and high sugar foods will definitely get in your way. We often don’t realize that our pantries are filled with over processed foods, foods high in sugar and'...

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Regulate Your Period Without Birth Control

regulate your period without birth control

Your menstrual cycle can sometimes seem like a mystery. While many women choose to take a prescription birth control for a variety of health reasons, it is possible to regulate your menstrual cycle naturally. While it may take a bit of work, the resu'...

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12 Minute Booty Workout

booty workout

This booty workout will help you get a perky butt, without making your legs bigger. You just need a table to keep yourself balanced, and a gliding disc. I'll put a link to the gliding disc I use below. But if you don't have one, you can just use a pa'...

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7 Healthiest Protein Bars

healthiest protein bars

No matter your schedule or lifestyle, chances are you have reached for a quick fix snack on the go in the form of a protein bar. While these bars can be nutrient-packed, not all protein bars are made the same and can often contain ingredients that ar'...

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11 Tips To Help You Burn Fat At Work

tips to help you burn fat at workout

For many of us, having an office job means a whole lot of sitting around with very little time left in the week for exercise. Get a little creative and use your time, and your body, wisely during your work hours so that you can actively burn fat a'...

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HIIT Workout That Won’t Cause Bulkiness

hiit workout that won't cause bulkiness

I took my HIIT workout outside today and filmed it for you guys. I'm in Batumi (Georgia) and as you can see, it's beautiful! As with all of my workouts, this one shouldn't cause any bulkiness. It will just help you burn lots of calories and tone u'...

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