Nicole Scherzinger’s Diet and Workout Routine

nicole scherzinger diet workout routine

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t at least a little excited about the Pussycat Dolls’ reunion. Those girls threw some incredible dance moves in every performance. And, of course, every performance is dominated by the lead singer, Nicole Scherzin'...

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Full Body Burn – Tone Up Without Bulking

This full body burn workout will help you tone up without bulking. This type of resistance training is the best if your goal is to get lean and toned but without building too much muscle. And I know that a lot of women prefer this look (myself inclu'...

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Beyonce Knowles’ EXACT Diet and Workout Routine

beyonce diet workout

OK, Beyonce is an absolute queen. The woman is amazing, and we all know it. I don't need to spend time telling all about this incredible woman! Most of what Beyonce does seems effortless. She's so poised and powerful, even during her two-hour p'...

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Gabrielle Epstein’s Diet and Workout Routine

gabby gabrielle epstein diet workout routine

When I’m trying to get inspiration for food and workouts, I always head over to Instagram. There are so many influencers leading the charge that it’s hard NOT to find something new and exciting.  Recently, I stumbled across bikini fashio'...

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Is Running Good For You?

is running good for you

I’m a big cardio advocate. I especially love walking and running for my lower body and boxing for my upper body.  Cardio helps me get into shape, keeps me lean and it’s fun :) But over the years, a lot of you guys asked me if running is r'...

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Jennifer Aniston’s Diet and Workout Routine

jennifer aniston diet workout routine

You may have heard — Jennifer Aniston finally gave in and joined Instagram! Yay, Jen! :) I'm a HUUUGE Friends fan and I think Jennifer looks absolutely stunning! I always wanted to know what's her fitness routine like so I thought this might '...

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