The Good and Bad of Social Media and Fitness

the good and bad of social media and fitness

Snapchat, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter— these are just a few of the dozens of social media avenues available to you and me. People use these social media in many amazing ways – such as: recording their weight loss journeys, sharing new'...

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11 Sneaky High Calorie Foods

sneaky high calorie foods

If you’re having trouble losing weight, it might be a good idea to check that you’re not overeating any of these sneaky high calorie foods. It might seem obvious. High calorie foods will increase your overall calorie intake, potentially pushin'...

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Tips To Prevent Post Workout Acne

tips to prevent post workout acne

Have you noticed that your skin breaks out after a rigorous exercise session? It's great to know that you're supporting your lungs, heart, and muscles when you exercise— not so great to see the pimply aftermath. Here are some tips to prevent pos'...

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Is Coconut Oil Actually Good For You?

is coconut oil actually good for you

Coconut oil is currently a hot topic! It’s rumored to slow the aging process, improve heart health and even protect against a variety of illnesses. But it's very high in saturated fat. So is coconut oil actually good for you? That’s what we’'...

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How to Motivate Yourself to Exercise During Winter

how to motivate yourself to exercise during winter

It's time for your regular workout! It's easy to jog briskly out the door when it's sunny and the birds are chirping, or when there's an invigorating autumn chill and a bright blue sky. But what about when the wind is howling, the snow is blowing,'...

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How To Stop Emotional Eating

how to stop emotional eating

What's your comfort food? Chances are you have a go-to food— or several— that makes you feel warm, happy, and content. So when you've had a rough day, emotionally or physically, you might be tempted to load up your plate with a meal or snack that'...

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