What Is the 5:2 Diet?

what is the 5:2 diet

Whether you’re looking to start dieting or are just interested in a change, you’ll know that there are hundreds of different diet plans available.  I’ve been interested in the 5:2 diet for a while and thought it was time to share with you the '...

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Model Workout and Diet Tips – Cayley Scrooby Guest Post

model workout and diet tips by cayley scrooby

I interviewed the beautiful Cayley Scrooby to see how she eats and trains to stay in amazing shape! Cayley is a young model who has some great advice for other young girls and women who care about their fitness and health. Read on to find out these m'...

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Is It Safe to Microwave Your Food

is it safe to microwave your food

Microwave ovens were first available for sale as long ago as 1946. However, the question asked then is still being asked today - Is it safe to microwave your food? When it was first introduced, many people were suspicious of the microwave oven and'...

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How to Overcome the All or Nothing Mentality in Eating and Fitness

how to overcome all or nothing mentality in eating and fitness

Are you an "all or nothing" type of person? It's linked to perfectionism and to guilt behaviors, neither of which are helpful mindsets when you're trying to improve your fitness level and your health. Discover how to overcome the all or nothing menta'...

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Healthy Foods You Should Never Eat

If the label reads healthy then it’s okay to eat, right? If only that were true! You might be surprised to discover the following health foods you should never eat. It’s a sad but true fact - not everything which says healthy on the label actu'...

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Model Workout and Diet Tips – Ariana Whittingham Guest Post

workout and diet tips by ariana whittingham

I love reading and writing about people who are motivating and inspiring! That's why I wanted to share model workout and diet tips by Ariana Whittingham. Ariana is a young model from Australia and if you take a look at her Instagram profile, you''...

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