Dakota Johnson’s Diet and Workout Routine

dakota johnson diet workout routine

Have you guys seen Fifty Shades of Grey? I honestly believe that the movies would have been far less appealing if they’d chosen any actress other than Dakota Johnson. Dakota comes from a long line of actors—both her mother and father have so...

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Best Advice on How to Get Rid of Knee Fat

get rid of knee fat

I don't get this question as often as I get asked how to lose inner thigh fat or slim down muscular thighs but every now and again you lovelies ask me how to get rid of knee fat. So, I thought it would be a good idea to answer that question in ...

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Sofia Richie’s Diet and Workout Routine

Sofia Richie is an absolutely beautiful model. I love following her on Instagram, where she posts about her glamorous life. She's also very open about her health and wellness on social media. She shares lots about her diet, skincare routine, and her...

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Vanessa Hudgens’ Diet and Workout Routine

vanessa hudgens diet workout

For whatever reason, people tend to think of models as being the paragons of beauty and fitness. While many of them definitely are (we see you, Victoria’s Secret Angels), they’re not the only ones that maintain KILLER appearances. Actors who ...

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Raw Vegan Diet – All You Need to Know

raw vega diet guide

A lot of you girls have been asking my opinion on the raw vegan diet. This diet is pretty popular right now. It promises a lot: a healthier and slimmer body. But the diet is also incredibly restrictive, and that can cause people to question how g...

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