Lorena Rae Diet and Workout Routine

lorena rae diet

In this blog post, I'm going to share with you Lorena Rae's diet and workout routine! She shares a lot of her fitness routine online so I was able to get all the details :) WHO IS LORENA RAE? You’ll probably best know Lorena for walking in h'...

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Can Garcinia Cambogia Help With Weight Loss?

garcinia cambogia

Losing weight can be hard. I’ve had my fair share of health issues that made me feel like it’s almost impossible to slim down. And sometimes, no matter what we do, we hit that wall. You know what I’m talking about — you exercise, you eat '...

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Jasmine Tookes Diet and Workout Routine

Jasmine Tookes diet

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while now, you know just how much I LOVE the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and the Angels. I love reading their interviews, following their social media and figuring out what they do to stay in amazing sh'...

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Flat Stomach Fast – High Intensity Ab Workout

flat stomach workout

Abs and core workout for a flat and toned tummy that you can do at home! This high intensity ab workout is designed to help you get a flat stomach fast, and burn lots of calories! Bodyweight workouts like these ones here may look easy, but you a'...

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Alessandra Ambrosio Diet and Workout Tips

Alessandra Ambrosio diet

Since you girls are loving my model workout and diet blog posts, I've decided to focus a bit more on these!  In this blog post, I’ll tell you all about how former Victoria Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio stays so fit and healthy :) '...

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Toned Legs Workout – For Toning Without Adding Bulkiness

legs toning workout

This is a legs toning workout that you can do at home. :) It will help you tone up your lower body without adding bulkiness. I know that a lot of women feel like legs are their problem area so I always like to come up with new workouts that will '...

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