What Happens When You Overtrain and Undereat

what happens to your body when you overtrain and undereat

I love fitness and eating well, and I interact with so many girls who are passionate about it too! Working out and having a good diet have so many great side effects on your body and mental and emotional health! However, some women find it chall...

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Holly Dolke Workout Videos Review

Holly Dolke workout videos review

There are lots of fun workout programs and videos out there to try, and Holly Dolke is no exception! Holly's videos focus on helping women achieve lean bodies so I'm not surprised that many of you have asked me my thoughts on Holly's workouts. I...

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Best Inner and Outer Thigh Workout for Women

Best inner and outer thigh workout for women

This is one of my most requested workouts! And that makes sense since women tend to store most fat in hips and thigs. It can be very difficult for us to slim down thighs and many of you have told me that workouts that you’ve previously done on...

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