Shay Mitchell’s Diet and Workout Routine

shay mitchell diet workout

Are there any Pretty Little Liars here? :) Hope there are because in this blog post I'm going to tell you how Shay Mitchell aka Emily Fields stays in shape! She recently gave birth to a lovely baby girl and she's looking better than ever so I was...

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Are bodyweight workouts effective?

are bodyweight workouts effective

Whenever I hear from someone who wants to transition to my workout plan after working out a lot using heavyweights, I get the same question - Are bodyweight workouts really effective? Most of the girls who reach out with this question are worrie...

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Salma Hayek’s Diet and Workout Routine

salma hayek diet workout

By now you should know: I love learning more about how models, actresses, and other public figures exercise, eat, and keep themselves healthy. Salma Hayek is one of these women! She's an American-Mexican actress and model who is incredibly beaut...

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Is HIIT making my legs bigger or smaller?

hiit legs bigger or smaller

HIIT workouts are a very common type of exercise. They're convenient, good for you, and great at burning calories. However, many women (including myself!) noticed that their legs got bigger from regular traditional HIIT workouts. In this article...

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