Lana Condor’s Diet and Workout Routine

Lana Condor diet and workout routine

Lana Condor seems like the sweetest person. She has the most beautiful smile, and she always appears kind in interviews. Lana is an actor, model (for many places, including Aerie), and singer. I've loved learning more about what she eats and wha...

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The Best Pre-Workout Foods and Why They Work

The best pre-workout foods and why the work

Eating well after you work out can help your body recover from exercise, but proper nutrition before exercise can also help your body perform well in all types of workouts! Understanding when and what to eat can help improve your exercise abili...

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Kaley Cuoco’s Diet And Workout Routine

Kaley Cuoco diet and workout routine

I’ve been a fan of Kaley Cuoco for years, since the first episode of 8 Simple Rules. During this time, Kaley’s career grew as she worked hard, but she also worked on keeping herself healthy and happy every day. Here’s how she does it. ...

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Ashley Benson’s Diet and Workout Routine

Ashley Benson diet and workout routine

Raise your hand if you love Pretty Little Liars! Ashely Benson plays Hanna so well in the series! I don't have to tell you: Ashley looks incredible - healthy and glowing. Over the years, Ashley's been open about the challenges of working in Holl...

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How to Build a Strong Core

How to build a strong core

Having a strong core is important for so many different parts of your life! Yes, your abs will look great, but you'll also feel more confident doing everyday tasks and fitness activities. Building a strong core can take time and consistency, but...

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Rihanna’s Diet and Workout Routine

Rihanna diet and workout routine

You've probably heard the news — Rihanna is now a billionaire! She's the wealthiest female musician in the world. Congrats to her for accomplishing so much! Rihanna is obviously amazing as a singer, performer, and businesswoman. She's also main...

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