Peach Booty Workout for Women

Peach booty workout for women

This is a booty workout to lift and tone that peach that you can easily do at home. I know a lot of girls are told they need to do squats and lunges to get that perfect booty, but those exercises can also make your thigh muscles bigger. If you d...

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Cellulite Busting Resistance Band Workout

Cellulite affects lots of us. So you are not alone! Exercise could be one of the ways to help prevent cellulite. That's why I posted one cellulite busting workout! And I've added resistance bands as I get lots of requests for them.😊 How t...

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Love Handles Workout for Women

Love handles workout for women

Resistance exercises are important because the more muscle you have, the easier it will be to lose weight and to slim down your belly. This love handles workout is always my most requested workout so I hope you enjoy it! How to Do the Circuit...

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Lower Body Toning and No Bulk Workout

Lower body toning and no bulk workout

A lot of girls, like myself, prefer to have slim and toned legs. If you want to gain muscle, that is also fine too! It's a preference and you should do what makes you feel best. :) But a lot of other PTs will tell you that women just can't gain t...

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No Jumping HIIT Workout for Women

no jumping HIIT workout for women

This is my no jumping HIIT workout for women. And you know what the best part is? It's perfect for ALL body types! Even for my endomorph girls who can bulk up from HIIT workouts. This workout will burn lots of calories and get you sweating, n...

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Best Inner and Outer Thigh Workout at Home

Best inner and outer thigh workout - tone up those trouble spots! I know that a lot of girls, myself included, store most fat in the inner and outer thigh area. So to help you target those problem areas, I designed this quick workout you can do ...

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