No Jumping HIIT Workout for Women

no jumping HIIT workout for women

This is my no jumping HIIT workout for women. And you know what the best part is? It's perfect for ALL body types! Even for my endomorph girls who can bulk up from HIIT workouts. This workout will burn lots of calories and get you sweating, n...

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Best Inner and Outer Thigh Workout at Home

Best inner and outer thigh workout - tone up those trouble spots! I know that a lot of girls, myself included, store most fat in the inner and outer thigh area. So to help you target those problem areas, I designed this quick workout you can do ...

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Toned Upper Body Workout for Women

This is a toned upper body workout for women. It will help you tone your arms and upper body without adding unwanted bulkiness. I recently got a medicine ball so I have been trying out some fun new exercises with it :) To do this workou...

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