Toned Upper Body Workout for Women

This is a toned upper body workout for women. It will help you tone your arms and upper body without adding unwanted bulkiness. I recently got a medicine ball so I have been trying out some fun new exercises with it :) To do this workou...

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Dynamic Warm​ Up Exercises

These are my favourite warm up exercises. I always make sure to do them before a workout. A lot of you have been asking for these, so here you go :)  For the last exercises, you can use a towel, broom stick, or a yoga mat holder like ...

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Hips and Outer Thigh Workout For Women

This hips and outer thigh workout will help you slim down and tone your hips and thighs without adding bulkiness to your lower body. :) WATCH THE HIPS AND OUTER THIHG WORKOUT VIDEO  HOW TO COMPLETE THE CIRCUIT Do each exe...

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