Slim Waist Workout – Cinch Your Waist

slim waist

Here you have a quick slim waist workout that you can do at home with no equipment :) These exercises will work your deep inner core to help bring your waist in and give you a slim and tapered look. WATCH THE SLIM WAIST WORKOUT VIDEO '...

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Ab Finisher Workout

ab finisher

Here you have a quick ab finisher workout! Finishers are intense exercises you typically add at the end of your regular workout session. And they are designed to ensure the maximum effectiveness of your workout. You can use them to speed up '...

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Full Body Pilates Inspired Workout

pilates workout

This is my full body pilates inspired workout you can do at home. :) I think that pilates workouts are great! They make your core stronger core, make you more flexible, and correct your posture. Pilates workouts usually provide low to moderate'...

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Butt and Ab Workout

butt and ab workout

This is my butt and ab workout that will help you get toned. This workout will target your booty but without targeting your quads. So if one of your fitness goals is to tone your butt without making your thighs bigger, you will love this workout.'...

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Full Body HIIT Workout For A Slim And Toned Body

hiit workout full body

This is a full body HIIT workout for a slim and toned body (one of my favs!). I'm a big fan of HIIT! This type of training is super quick and it burns lots of calories.  For example, if your friend runs for 40 minutes and you do a HIIT w'...

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Bubble Butt Workout

bubble butt no squats

Hi lovelies, I wanted to show you some of my favourite exercises to build a bubble butt, without doing squats.  I know that a lot of women are told to do squats and lunges if they want to build their booty. But I also know that those'...

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