Let’s face it, you’re human, just like the rest of us. No matter how good your intentions are, there will be times when you can’t say no. Here you will find out how to detox after a big weekend!  

Perhaps you’re catching up for dinner and drinks with your girls, or heading to your friend’s 30th or a wedding. You might go with good intentions, “Just one drink, I’m dieting.” But peer pressure and the desire to relax and simply enjoy being with the girls can take its toll. 

Before you know it you’ve spent the weekend drinking and now you’re feeling pretty bad! 

Fear not! It happens, and you can recover. In fact, you can even do better next time with just a little help. Here are some tips on how to detox after a big weekend. 

The Effects Of Alcohol 

There are a number of side effects to spending the weekend drinking. 

Drinking Your Calories 

One large glass of wine can have 228 calories! That means a bottle could easily have 684 calories… that’s a lot. Drink that regularly and you’ll soon realize why the weight is not coming off.  

Skipping Your Workouts 

The one thing you won’t feel like doing during and after a weekend of alcohol is exercising. So you’re not just adding calories to your diet, you’re also failing to boost your metabolism and burn some extra calories.  

Eating ALL The Food 

Once you’ve had a good night out and you’re ready to head home, what do you and most other people want first? Fast food. 

weight loss struggles

It might be a kebab, burger, cheesy chips or a pizza. It’s OK to indulge sometimes but try not to overdo it.

How To Stop Yourself Over Indulging 

It’s good to have a night or even a weekend out, but try to keep it in moderation. 

Here are some tips to help you enjoy the weekend, without packing on the calories.

Eat Early 

They say you should eat before drinking. However, as soon as you start drinking, your body will deal with processing the alcohol first; leaving your half digested food to be turned into fat! 

Eat a protein rich meal before going out to ensure your body has digested the food properly first. 

Once you’re out you can nibble on nuts or a healthy snack between drinks. This will slow down your rate of alcohol consumption, without damaging your diet.  

Keep It Simple 

Avoid the sugary mixers and cocktails. Opt for a spirit with soda water and lime, a gin and tonic, or a wine; minimal calories and maximum enjoyment. 


Water hydrates and dilutes. Having water between drinks will do wonders for your alcohol consumption and stave off the dreaded hangover. 

It can be hard to remember to order water when you’re out. So whenever you order a drink, order a water at the same time! Make it a rule. 

Detox And Boost Your Health Post Weekend 

The most important part of a big weekend is to deal with it quickly and effectively afterwards. 

By consuming plenty of water between your drinks you’ll be off to a good start. Follow these steps to detox and feel great again after a big weekend! 


A heavy weekend can leave you feeling groggy. Start the recovery process by getting to bed early on the Sunday night.  

Sleep plays a HUGE role in your body’s recovery. So get all the sleep you can! 

Read up on my 7 tips for better sleep here!

Eat Your Protein 

Alcohol and weekend foods are generally packed full of carbohydrates. So try to avoid them during the week. Give your body the chance to burn off the extra fat from carbohydrates by sticking to protein, vegetables and healthy fats. 

how to choose a protein powder

It is important not to skip meals at this stage. You simply need to avoid the simple carbs and focus on protein and vegetables.  

Drink Lots Of Water 

Water is essential for the survival of your cells.  

Start the day with a glass of water with a slice of lemon to aid in digestion. Keep drinking this all day to flush the toxins out of your body. 

You should avoid coffee and caffeine. This will dehydrate you, when you need the opposite. 


You probably don’t want to start running when your head feels heavy but even a walk or short jog will be of benefit. 

The exercise will boost your metabolism, helping to get toxins out of your body and boosting the amount of blood and oxygen getting to your brain. As a result, you’ll actually feel better!  

The faster you return to your normal exercise routine, the quicker you’ll remove the effects of your big weekend. 

Take A Multivitamin 

Boost your metabolism and all the basic functions in your body by taking a multivitamin. This can help to counteract the poor weekend diet and help you recover faster. 

Get Some Fresh Air 

Never forget the power of fresh air! It can help your body to readjust to your usual schedule and can clear your mind in seconds.  

Going for a walk before work will clear your mind, allowing you to focus and move forward with your day. 

Take Some Time To Mediate 

rest days

It is not bad to indulge over the weekend, unless you are doing it every weekend! Taking ten minutes to adopt a comfortable yoga pose and rest your mind can help you to feel in touch with your body again. It will ease away any feelings of guilt.  

Summing It Up 

There is nothing wrong with having a good weekend with some drinks and food, and it is completely understandable to want to be part of the gang!  

But, by choosing lower calorie drinks and breaking them up with water, you can seriously reduce your calorie intake and the damage to your diet. In addition, you’re less likely to indulge in post drinking food. 

Follow the tips in this blog post to get back on track again after a big weekend. You’ll be feeling great again in no time!  

Prepare in advance and you can enjoy every moment of the weekend without guilt! 

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  1. Hi Rachael,

    It’s interesting that you say don’t skip meals at the point of detoxing. Is this because the metabolism is already sluggish from having to shift the alcohol? It’s so tempting to skip meals after a mega weekend of indulgence.

    1. Hi lovely, mostly because skipping meals isn’t healthy in general. I would just eat smaller meals – bigger meals make it harder for your liver and body to repair. A weekend of food/alcohol probably wouldn’t have made a significant difference to your metabolism (but I could be wrong!) xx

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