In this blog post, I’m going to tell you all about Dua Lipa‘s diet and what she does on a daily basis to stay in shape!

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Dua Lipa’s career is of course based on her voice, but it never hurts to have a body that can keep up with everything her career throws its way. That’s why she’s mindful of her diet and does what’s right for herself, even if it changes from month to month. 

Though her diet is effective, she never avoids specific foods. Instead, she tries to eat those less healthy items in moderation. And she always takes care to cook for herself. This helps her avoid eating overly processed foods full of ingredients that can cause serious health problems over time. 

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For breakfast, Dua Lipa likes to keep things simple and what she eats largely depends on the types of activities she’s going to be doing that day. 

If she’s fueling up for an early morning workout, she’ll have a banana and cashew butter. This gives her plenty of plant-based protein and potassium to keep her muscles working well during those workouts.

That said, she’s a HUGE fan of pastries and she’s always willing to eat bread or her favourite donuts on days when she’s not planning on doing anything work-related. Eating those sweet treats often leaves her feeling sluggish, so she tries to eat them rarely.


Since Dua is so busy all the time, lunch often has to be eaten on the go. This means she’s quick to grab salads, lean wraps, and other veg-heavy meals that won’t leave her feeling bloated.

If she has time to cook, she’ll do her best to make things as healthy as possible. 


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Like the rest of her meals, Dua tries to keep dinner healthy. But if she’s craving something that’s not exactly healthy, like pizza or burgers, she sometimes lets herself indulge in those foods.

She doesn’t believe in cheat days. Instead, she believes in not denying herself the foods she’s craving when she’s craving them.

If she wants a burger and fries for dinner, she’ll eat one. However, she’s also a huge fan of traditonal Albanian food. 

Albanian food is similar to the Mediterranean diet and is full of healthy fats like olive oil and fish as well as plenty of fresh vegetables. It can be heavy on the grains and bread, making it less ideal for people who want to avoid gluten or follow a low carb diet.

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Dua’s career requires lots of high-energy performances, but she also takes time to work out every single day.

Her typical workouts are quite simple and quick but also very effective. She enjoys doing HIIT that lasts no more than 15 minutes but still burns TONS of calories.

If you want to try a HIIT routine out yourself, check out my 15-minute workout here.

Dua often fits her HIIT session first thing in the morning. It requires absolutely no equipment and gives her a full workout in very little time which makes it ideal for her busy schedule.

During her HIIT routine, she often targets her abs and her glutes. Here are a few of her favourite moves:

  • Bicycle crunches 
  • Static planks
  • Slow twist planks
  • Leg lifts
  • Donkey kicks

Each of these exercises target multiple muscle groups at once, making her workout extremely effective every day. However, she’s always mindful of how she feels when she’s choosing which exercises to incorporate into her routine.

All that performing can leave her feeling stiff and Dua often has to deal with low back pain. When it flairs up, she avoids leg lifts and donkey kicks because they put too much strain on her back muscles. 

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Dua loves to vary her workouts whenever she has the time and can commit to something longer than her standard HIIT routine. 

The star tries to attend group exercise classes and works out with a personal trainer when she needs that little extra push. When she’s at home, she tries to attend boxing classes whenever she has time.

Boxing is one of her favourite ways to get in shape and stay that way. It’s an intense cardio workout, but it also helps her build functional strength and tones her arms and legs without the use of weights.

On days when she wants a little more relaxation, she’ll take a yoga or Pilates class. These exercises help her stay limber and makes it easy for her body to keep up with those intense dance moves she does during performances.


When she’s traveling, Dua doesn’t let her fitness routine slide. Instead, she does what she can to keep things interesting. She’s a huge fan of hitting up local gyms and trying out new classes on the go. 

By keeping her workouts constantly fresh and new, she avoids feeling burnt out and can better stick to her routine. 

Hope you liked reading about Dua’s diet and workout routine! If you have any blog post request, let me know in the comments! xx



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