I’ve been reading a lot about Elsa Hosk’s workout and diet tips recently. Did anyone watch the 2018 Victoria’ Secret Fashion Show?

I have to say, it’s one of my viewing highlights of the year! All those beautiful women wearing gorgeous underwear with confidence and nothing to hide – it’s certainly inspiring to work hard and look after our bodies.

I’m still a bit sad we didn’t get to see a VS show this year, but hppefully they’ll be back in 2020!

elsa hosk diet and workout routine

One Angel that certainly stood out for me was Elsa Hosk. She was the lucky lady wearing the 2018 Dream Angels Fantasy Bra. Absolutely stunning!

I started researching because I really wanted to know how she stays in such great shape. And also, how she prepares for the Victoria Secret show.

I found that she has a lot of the same views as I do on health and fitness and that her personal trainer also prefers bodyweight training just like I do.

So, I wanted to share some of these tips with you today!

Now ladies, let’s all remember that not everyone can look like a supermodel! This is because models are usually ectomorph body types so they don’t bulk up easily.

If you are a mesomorph or an endomorph, then please don’t punish yourself for not looking like Elsa Hosk, or any other model. You are beautiful and can still gain something from these Elsa Hosk workout and diet tips. But remember that you’ll never look exactly like her or anyone else.

You can also take a look at what other models do to prepare for the show here, or read up on Gigi Hadid’s workout and diet tips.



While Elsa stays fit all year round, she hit the gym every single day for the month leading up to the show. She worked out six or seven times a week, but took rest days when she felt that her body was too exhausted and needed a break to recover.

Elsa is an ectomorph body type which means she’s naturally quite thin and doesn’t build muscle easily. That’s why she makes sure not to skip resistance training!

Like me, Elsa prefers doing bodyweight training over weight training. I read a comment from her that said, “I don’t like this! Heavyweights make me angry!”

I can totally sympathise!

Since she likes to try something new every year in terms of fitness, she teamed up with fitness guru Megan Roup (founder of The Sculpt Society). Megan was a professional dancer and introduced Elsa to a dance-based workout that is easy and suitable for all body types. She also does lighter style bodyweight training which is perfect for toning without adding bulk.


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Elsa loves this new workout because she believes that you should make cardio fun, so you can do it every day. And, she usually struggles with learning choreography.

But this dance workout is simple and gives maximum results by doing as little as possible. It tones the arms, legs, and glutes and is so much fun that many other Victoria Secret Angels love it too.

Megan guides her clients through cardio that is mixed with using ankle weights and light hand weights. Megan also uses variation from week to week – which really helps to spice things up.

I really liked some advice that she gave in Vogue article that I read:

“My advice would be to stay consistent with your workouts. It’s not about the fast tone up, but about each day putting in some time for movement. Also, have a plan of action. When you have a fitness goal, a plan will help you get there!”

No one expects you to start out like you’ve been a fitness pro for years. Start out doing what you can, and then slowly build up the intensity and duration of your workouts to put you on the right path for success.

You can check out an example from Megan’s full body workout here. I loved seeing that moves 4-7 were really similar to what I do in my Booty Burn Workout.


Besides doing her regular routine with Megan, Elsa also likes to hit the California trails and go for long hikes. Walking is actually a great form of lower intensity cardio, especially if your goal is to lean out your legs!


We all know that we want what we cannot have, and this is particularly true for Elsa. She doesn’t like having too many rules and restrictions about what she can and can’t eat. If she does, then she finds herself wanting to eat all the things she’s not supposed to.


Elsa thinks that everything is about balance, and she is on a continuous learning path to discover what foods work for her.

She knows that processed food is not good for her, so tends to eat a diet rich with organic vegetables and other nourishing foods.

Elsa’s day-to-day diet includes a lot of green vegetables, green juices, potato salad, eggs, and yoghurt. She is trying to go vegan, however, she does love a grilled cheese sandwich from time to time! Thank goodness there is a vegan version!

She’s not really a snacker and tends to eat mostly only main meals. She makes a habit of drinking plenty of water to help flush her system, keep her body functioning well and keep her skin looking radiant.

Ensuring that she eats well is important so she can be strong for her workouts, and have the energy to do her shows.

I hope you enjoyed reading these Elsa Hosk workout and diet tips.

Love Rachael xx

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