• Curvier, and can gain muscle very quickly.
  • You have great strength and endurance!
  • Weight loss is a little more challenging.

You have huge potential to transform your body – actually much more than the other body types!

You may think that it is difficult to lose weight and keep it off, but I promise you, YOU CAN!

You Are A Lovely

You Are A Lovely

3 Diet Tips

Low Carb Diet Is Best

Endomorphs can't handle a lot of carbs, so try to keep your carb intake low. Make sure most of your carbs are coming from fruit and veggies, and skip the starches such as pastas, breads and rice.

Keep That Fat & Protein Intake High

Fat and protein will be your new best friends! Both of them will keep you feeling fuller for longer, and will help you burn more calories. Think lean meats, oily fish, nuts, seeds & avocado.

Can I Have Any Treats?

Of course! No diet should be super restrictive. Try some healthier treats such as choc avocado mousse or homemade protein balls. But if you must have chocolate, keep it in moderation!

3 Workout Tips

Lighter Resistance Workouts

Personal trainers ALWAYS get endomorphs to do HIIT, which can burn calories but builds a lot of unnecessary muscle. Stick to lighter resistance workouts for best results.

Leg Workouts

Choose lower body exercises that target your butt only, NOT your quads & hamstrings. Think donkey kicks, lying leg raises and other Pilates-inspired moves. Also be sure to avoid cycling!

Don't Avoid Cardio

Endomorphs need cardio so make sure you're doing it regularly. Walking is great! And if your body doesn't bulk up with running, steady state runs are great too!

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3 Diet And Workout Tips:

All taken from endomorph fitness program: 3 Steps To Lean Legs by Rachael Attard

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