Eva Longoria is a beautiful, talented woman. I loved her in Desperate Housewives, and I love the way she tries to give back to her community through philanthropic efforts. She is invested in making sure that education is more accessible for Latinas, which is so admirable!

I also think Eva’s open approach to her fitness lifestyle is so amazing. She is always quick to share her diet and exercises with her fans on Instagram and other sites! Here’s what she does to stay in great shape:

Eva Longoria’s Diet

As a foodie, Eva loves to prepare new dishes, try new foods, and enjoy special moments of life with meals that are made with love.

Throughout her adult life, she’s tried different diets and occasionally given up sugar, simple carbs, or alcohol to lose extra weight for three months at a time. She was also a vegan for a while due to concerns about animal rights and sustainability, but she eventually stopped eating this way.

In general, Eva tries to eat food in moderation. She eats plenty of protein, and she isn’t afraid of eating fat or carbs either.

Eva grew up on a ranch in Texas, and her family would typically base their meals around what was in season at the farm. She didn’t grow up eating much fast food.

Instead, her meals were from locally sourced ingredients, and they were typically homemade. Eva continues to follow similar principles as an adult. She loves to cook, and she values delicious plant-based meals.


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Losing Weight After Giving Birth

Eva gave birth to her son Santiago when she was in her early-40s, and she worked hard to lose the baby weight. She gave up wine, sugar, and carbohydrates in order to lose the extra weight she gained from having a baby. Of course, she also followed a workout plan too (more on that later!).

Even though she was dedicated to losing weight, Eva didn’t push herself past her limits. She gave herself several months to rest, and she worked with experts to develop a good plan for her.

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What Eva Eats for Breakfast

Eva loves coffee, and she drinks it almost every day. As for food, she likes to eat egg whites and beans in the morning. The meal is full of protein!

She’s also inspired by Mexican food for her breakfasts. Eva likes eating:

  • Chilaquiles, which are lightly fried corn tortillas served with a green or red salsa. Chilaquiles are sometimes also served with refried beans, shredded chicken, cheese, and scrambled eggs.
  • Huevos rancheros, which are fried eggs served with seasoned beans, warm corn tortillas, and condiments, such as salsa.

If she has the time to cook, she like to experiment with homemade bagels or croissants. Yum!

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What Eva Eats for Lunch

Eva typically eats a later lunch, usually around 4 or 5 p.m. Since her lunch is later in the day, she tends to make it a big event, and she typically eats the most for her afternoon meal.

She enjoys switching up her lunches depending on the day. During the pandemic, she enjoyed having more time to cook and experiment with different dishes. Cooking is therapeutic for her, so she is always willing to try new things.

One of her favourite lunches is her shredded steak tacos. Here’s what she puts in them:

  • Homemade guacamole made from tomatoes, avocados, white onion, cilantro, salt, and lemon juice.
  • Steak with chili powder and salt
  • Flour tortillas

She also likes to eat Shepard’s pie, other types of tacos, and curry dishes. Ehe even eats homemade pasta. In fact, she prepares it from scratch!

What Eva Eats for Dinner

Eva keeps dinner pretty light, especially since she tends to eat more for lunch. She typically goes for soups, salads, and similar meals.

Eva loves eating vegetables, and she’ll often cook them and eat them as a small meal. She likes to let the flavours of the veggies shine through. Instead of adding a lot of seasoning or sauces to them, she likes to add just olive oil. Her favourite vegetables are spinach, broccoli, and brussels sprouts.

One of her favourite soups is an Italian Wedding Soup, made with turkey meatballs and green vegetables.

Eva’s Go-to Treats

Eva isn’t a big dessert girl. She’ll typically go for a glass of red wine, instead of a slice of cake. If she’s treating herself, she loves to drink wine alongside different cheeses or a charcuterie board. She also enjoys pepperoni pizza, potato chips, and salty snacks.

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Eva Longoria’s Workout Routine

Eva grew up naturally thin and athletic. As a teenager, she was a cheerleader, ran track, and did gymnastics, which meant she was working out about five hours per day! Now, as an adult, it is more challenging to keep her weight in check, and she doesn’t have the time to exercise that often!

Eva works out with personal trainer Grant Roberts, who has also worked with Hilary Swank and Kumail Nanjiani. Grant has helped her get in shape after giving birth to her son. In general, Grant encourages Eva to use weightlifting to create a curvy shape.

Although Eva was motivated to lose her pregnancy weight and to get her toned body back in shape, working out after her pregnancy wasn’t just about the looks for her. In addition to feeling sexy, Eva also wanted to feel strong and in shape for her son.

She says she wants to be the healthiest she can for him! He motivates her to keep her fitness goals.

As well as strength training, Eva has also enjoyed doing other types of workouts, including Pilates, running, and cycling. Here’s what her workout routine tends to look like:

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After having her son, Eva started to get very serious about strength training, and she typically lifts weights several times a week.

Upper body and core moves:

Lower body moves:

  • Deadlifts
  • Traditional squats
  • Sled pushes
  • Battle rope exercises
  • Box jumps
  • Squat-to-rows

She typically does 4-5 sets of 15 repetitions each.

For fun, Eva has also tried circus training! She experimented on the trapeze, did acrobatics, and even tried some juggling. Even though circus training isn’t part of her regular workout routine, her regular workouts help give her the strength, flexibility, and balance to do these moves! I was impressed. :)

Yoga and Pilates

Eva likes to incorporate both yoga and Pilates into her fitness routine.

She likes doing Pilates on the Megaformer, which she says is like doing Pilates on steroids. A Megaformer is a Pilates machine that involves a moving platform and springs for resistance. Using it requires doing slow movements that really force you to use your core.

When she was pregnant, Eva did a lot of yoga workouts, and she typically did so with a doula. The yoga helped her manage her pregnancy-related lower back pain, and she says it helped her keep off some baby weight.

Cardio Workouts

Eva will sometimes do trampoline cardio workouts. She has a small trampoline at home, and she will share her workouts on Instagram.

In general, Eva does these workouts with The Ness, a workout studio that’s based in New York City. It also has digital workout video classes that Eva takes advantage of.

The trampoline workouts mimic some dance and circuit workouts. They’re nonstop, and they involve a lot of squatting, jumping, and twisting while on the trampoline. Eva typically wears wrist weights to make it more challenging!

In addition to the trampoline workouts, Eva enjoys running, and she also likes to go to SoulCycle classes when she has time. Cardio workouts give her energy, and they keep her from feeling lethargic. Cardio can also help you sleep better!

She likes to run and do other forms of cardio when she’s traveling or can’t access full weights. In fact, she likes to go for a run every time she’s in a new city. For her, it’s a great way to become familiar with a new place, and she considers it therapeutic when she’s stressed out or feeling tired from traveling.

Finally, on the weekends, she likes to go on hikes with her family or friends. Hiking is a wonderful way to get in some cardio (I love walks!) while seeing some lovely views and spending time with loved ones!

In general, Eva seems to focus on weight training now, and simply chooses to do more cardio-focused workouts when she is in the mood. :)

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Wrapping Up

Eva works out a lot, and she clearly has an amazing body! She prefers a curvy but muscular look, and that involves a ton of strength training. Many girls will notice that they bulk up quite a bit from doing a routine like hers, so if that’s not something you want, I’d be careful doing it. :)

I appreciate Eva’s moderate approach to her diet. She eats a variety of healthy, homemade food, and I love that she enjoys making meals for herself and for her family. As a mom, I understand her motivation to stay strong and healthy for her little one, and I love that she is so inspired to take care of herself for him. :)

Let me know your thoughts in the comments and if you want me to talk about someone else!

Love Rachael Xx

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