I hate thinking of really creative options for dinner. Sometimes you just want something that tastes good, is easy to make and is relatively healthy. Here are some of my favourite go to dinner options.

1.Burrito bowls

Throw in some packet (microwave) cooked brown rice, chicken cooked in taco seasoning, kidney beans, lettuce, smashed avocado and some chopped tomato. Grated cheese optional. YUM!

burrito bowls dinner food

 2.Chicken curry

Cook up some chicken (or other lean protein), throw in some carrot, peas,potato, coconut cream and some curry powder. Cook on low until it thickens. Easy peasy!

3.Chicken/ beef stir fry

Chop up some chicken and veggies, or you could use some frozen veggies to make it extra easy! Throw it all into a fry pan with some soy sauce and ketsup manis, or some hoi sin and serve with a bit of brown rice.


4. Eggs on toast

Ah this one is so good. Add whatever else you want –avocado, baked beans, spinach, kale, tomato, olives, potato, etc.

5.BBQ steak/salmon/chicken with sweet potato chips and broccoli

Having a BBQ is the best! If you don’t have one though, you could just cook it over the stove top. Choose a nice piece of steak or salmon, then serve with some sweet potato chips and green vegetables (broccoli is always my go to).


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