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Have you ever followed the same workout and diet regime as your friend, but ended up with completely different results? You probably had a completely different body type.

There are 3 female body types: ectomorph, mesomorph and endomorph – and each of them loses weight and builds muscle in a different way.

Ectomorphs lose weight quickly, while endomorph body type puts on muscle mass much easier than others…even a bit too much for their own liking.

And while this may not be a problem for some women, others prefer a leaner look.
If this is you, then it’s really important to eat and exercise according to your body type.

This free body type quiz Rachael has prepared is very easy and very fast. It takes only 2 minutes to find out.



Nutritionist, personal trainer and The Lean Legs expert

A Word From Rachael

Hi! My name is Rachael and I am nutritionist, personal trainer and a fitness blogger :)

A few years ago, I had a lot of problems with my body, 
even though I exercised a lot. Long story short, I ended up with much different results than I wanted. I felt.. well… big and bulky.

I was repeatedly told that woman can’t get too muscular, but it is simply not true!

1 out of 3 body types has a hard time losing weight! 
2 out of 3 body types can gain muscle very easily! 
3 out of 3 body types need different nutrition and workout plans to get a beautiful lean look! 
I have created this free female body type quiz to help you discover yours.

I have also decided to give you a few tips you can use TODAY to be on the path to a beautiful lean body!

Love, Rachael xxx

These Instagram Babes Have Already Found Out Their Body Types!

Mia is an
Endomorph Body Type

Shaye is an
Mesomorph Body Type

Hannah is an
Ectomorph Body Type



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