I think it’s important for me to let you guys know that I am a normal person who has good days and bad days, and times when I feel like I’m not on track with my health and fitness goals. It is normal. I’m not perfect. So I just wanted to do a quick post to talk about something that I’m struggling at the moment.

The main thing I’m struggling with is my diet. More specifically, sticking to my eating plan and not overeating. I eat healthy most of the time, but I tend to overeat (a lot!) and have poor self-control sometimes.

I know my mentality gets in the way. I have written myself a really good eating plan, but I find it hard to stick to especially when I have events or I catch up with my friends for coffee, or dinner, or breakfast, etc. I feel like if I eat bad and don’t stick to my meal plan then I have ruined it and I’ll just eat bad this week and start again next week. OR sometimes I haven’t even eaten badly yet and I still sabotage myself! Like last weekend my parents were visiting and we did a lot of eating out so at the start of that week I thought, oh I’m not going to stick to my plan this week because my parents are here so I’ll just start next week. And then next week rolled around and I made another excuse!

brisbane breakfast
breakfast is my favourite!

Yes, eating to a plan is hard when it comes to eating out and socialising. I know that my main problem is being able to stick to my meal plan, regardless of what social outings I’ve got that week. I do try my best to choose healthy options that compliment my meal plan when eating out, but I feel it’s still a battle. I just need to remember that if I go off track with my plan for one day, then it is OK and that I can get back on track the next day. I’m not going to be unrealistic and say that I will stick to my plan 100% because that would be near impossible! I like eating out and socialising with friends :) But I’m going to try not to let this change how I eat before and after.

Anyway, this is just a little bit of insight into what is going on in my life. I’d love to hear from you on things that you are struggling with at the moment. Talking about things and getting support helps you get through it! Please feel free to leave a comment below.

If you’re interested in what my meal plan looks like, check out my previous post here (my daily diet) xx

Rachael is an Australian born certified personal trainer and nutritionist who holds a Bachelor degree in Science.

After struggling for years to find an exercise and diet program that is tailored to women striving for lean and toned body with no bulk she designed her Lean Legs Program. This program is tailored to each body type and focused on helping women get toned but feminine bodies, without getting bulky.

Her mission is to empower women and help them stay in shape in a healthy and balanced way.

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  1. Hi Rachel, I’m italian, so I’m sorry for my bad english, but I’m with you. I have the same problem; when you talk about yourself, I identify myself a lot.
    I go to the gym since three weeks, but it hasn’t been working until now, due to my fluctuating diet.
    I start every week motivated, I think that I will go to the gym, that I’m going to eat better, that I’m going to be PERFECT, but I fall every time I’m struggling with something, at school, or with something about my private life. So, food is an entertainment, a consolation, it’s the filter that helps me dealing with my emotions.
    I understand you and your sense of guilt. Keep going!

    1. Hi Giulia,
      Thank you for your message. Your english is just fine! :) I think a lot of people have the same problems. I know I start of every week great and then end the week not so great. What has worked for me is allowing myself a treat mid week or increasing my calories and carbs mid week for one day so I don’t feel too restricted. It is hard, but consistency is important for getting results. I wish you all the best! xx

  2. I love that you are honest about the difficulties of trying to lead a healthy lifestyle. It’s tiring to see some of the fitness people I follow always saying “I always eat healthy, I never have cheat meals, I never drink alcohol….”, essentially saying “I’m perfect and you’re failing if you’re not like me”. It’s more inspiring and motivating to me to hear someone like you saying I struggle too! Thank you! xx

    1. I don’t think ANYONE can be 100% perfect with their diet and exercise. And if they say they are, they’re probably in denial lol. It is hard sometimes so I just want to show you that I’m like everybody else. Thanks for your comments lovely xx

  3. I know EXACTLY what you mean!! Keep it up though and we can motivate each other! You need to have some cheat meals/days otherwise you’ll spiral into bingeing! I also struggle with an exercise regime, at the moment I have an injured hamstring so find it hard to work out only my upper body.. I LOVE lower body workouts! Good luck! Xx

  4. I struggle with the same issue. I start eating one meal, that is healthy, and then one more. And I end up eating 3 bowls of spaghetti. I think I eat so much bc I think it will comfort me. But at the end I feel bad. But then I tell myself I can start over again the next day.

    1. I think that is a pretty common issue hun. It’s known as binge eating. I will do a post on ways to stop yourself from binge eating this week so keep your eye out for that. All the best xx

  5. Love Reading your post it made me feel so much better, knowing I’m not the only one struggling with my meal plans sometimes! By the way you really look amazing! I def think it’s ok to skip meal planning sometimes, friends and family are so important and I think balance is the key. At least for me..I was just recently freaking out because I had plans to go away a weekend with friends and was first so nervous about not being able to eat healthy and do my workout routine, but I realized a few days away was just what I needed! I think it’s so important to enjoy life and realize that it’s a lifestyle more then a diet! X

    1. I get that way sometimes too when I’m going away! Especially on a holiday. But I’m glad you relaxed and enjoyed yours :) I think balance and enjoying life is important too x

  6. Oh my life! I’m exactly the same. I eat healthily most of the time, but if I have a cake with coffee, or French toast at brunch, then oops that’s the day gone, I’ll start again tomorrow, or next week which is more likely than not. For me your post came at just the right time, thankyou. I know I’m not doing badly, but knowing even people like you are experiencing things like this makes it that more easy to see that it’s ok and we are all human!
    Thankyou for all your insights, personal, fitness and good based.

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