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We all know that getting abs starts with your diet. You can do all the ab exercises in the world, but if you don’t lose the fat covering your abs, you will never see them. And the best way to lose that fat is through your diet (and a good workout program).

So here is a free diet plan for abs!

First of all, let’s start with the type of foods that you should be incorporating into your diet. If you already know your macros, scroll down straight to the meal plan :)


I have talked about why you need protein for fat loss in a previous post (it also discusses if eating more protein will cause your muscles to bulk up).

One of the best things about eating protein is that your body actually burns more calories digesting protein than it does for carbs and fats. So here are some foods that are great sources of protein:

  • Poultry – chicken & turkey
  • Lean red meats – avoid fatty cuts, deli meats and minced/ground meats
  • Fish
  • Eggs
  • Protein powder – whey or vegan protein (hemp, pea, brown rice, etc)
  • Nuts and seeds – hemp seeds, chia seeds, etc
  • Cottage cheese
  • Greek yoghurt
protein intake


Eating a lower carb diet will help you lose weight quicker, but you don’t need to cut your carbs completely. One of the issues that people have when cutting carbs is fiber. 

Most high fat and protein foods don’t contain fiber – it’s in the carbs. And you need fiber for many reasons – the main ones being that it helps with hunger (trust me, I’ve made this mistake and neglected fiber – it makes such a difference!) and keeping you regular.

So make sure you’re eating healthy and fibrous sources of carbs.

Some of these foods include:

  • Fruit (focus on berries if you’re sticking to low carb)
  • Vegetables (starchy carbs in moderation)
  • Whole grains in moderation (some breads are actually very high in fiber!)
  • Quinoa
victoria secret diet plan


Fats are high in calories, which is why people have been scared of eating them in the past.

But healthy fats are super important. They help with the production of hormones that regulate your metabolism, they help your body burn fat as fuel, they help protect your vital organs, and they have LOTS of other bodily functions.

Here are some sources of healthy fats:

  • Oily fish such as salmon, trout, tuna
  • White fish
  • Nuts and nut butter
  • Seeds
  • Avocado
  • Coconut and olive oil


If you really want to get those abs, I would also highly recommend you to find out your body type. This is super important since different body types lose weight and build muscle differently.

I have created a special Body Type Quiz that will help you learn your body type in just 2 minutes. And it’s completely free :)


I’m going to make this meal plan low carb in carbs to help you lose weight quicker. But I have written another blog post on the recommended macronutrients for each body type so have a read of this!

The calories and macros for this meal plan are:

  • 1500 calories
  • 25% carbs (x grams)
  • 45% protein (x grams)
  • 30% fat (x grams)

I have made the meals quite simple and (hopefully) they are easy to prepare. OK so let’s get to the food!


free diet plan for abs


free diet plan for abs


free diet plan for abs

To work out your ideal calorie intake, read this blog post. And if you’re looking for some healthy snack ideas, read my blog post here.


I should also mention my 3 Steps to Lean Legs Program. It is an 8-week workout program that includes full body resistance training and the right type of cardio for your body type. It also has a complete 8-week meal plan because I know how important nutrition is to losing weight and changing your body shape.

If you want meal plans like this for 8 weeks (and no 2 days are the same!) then have a look at my program. It takes the guesswork out of it, you don’t have to count calories and macros yourself (which can get very time consuming) and you don’t need to think of healthy recipes. Everything is there for you! xx

8 comments on “Free Diet Plan For Abs”

  • Katelyn says:

    Hi Rachael!

    I love your blogs and workouts!! I was just wondering what brand of protein you use?


  • Gaia says:

    Hi Rachel!
    Absolutely love your blog and the work you do! Your programma has been a miracle sent from heaven, had been looking to lean down my bulky legs for YEARS!
    My questione is about the diet plan you provided; I’m a vegetarian and was wondering what I could substitute the meat and fish for to still jeep relatively low carb. I have been eating eggs, low fat dairy and legumes and pulses, would those be good substitutions?

    • Rachael Attard says:

      Hi lovely, yay I’m so so happy to hear that! Yes you can definitely swap out the meat and fish for these options that you’ve mentioned. Eating a vegetarian diet means your diet will be slightly higher in carbs and this is fine so don’t stress too much about that :) xxx

  • Natasha says:

    Hello, your article indicates the meal plan is 1500 calories, but when I plug the Day 1 food into My Fitness Pal it only amounts to under 900 calories. Can you kindly clarify?

    • Rachael Attard says:

      Hi, I also used My Fitness Pal to calculate these calories. I guess maybe it’s the quantities you put in or the brands of things! Sometimes My Fitness Pal has foods that have the incorrect numbers of calories and sometimes they show 0 macros. So you need to make sure you choose the right ones xx

  • Jessica says:

    Hi Rachael. In your recent email, you link to this article as well as one that explains the negative effects of soy. However, soy is in this diet plan. Could you please explain? Thanks!

    • Rachael Attard says:

      Hi lovely, oh you are right! I wrote this article long before I had done my research on soy. Instead of the soy sauce in the recipe, I would use tamari xx

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