This blog post follows on from my last one on how to get rid of cellulite naturally. I wanted to cover some different methods that aren’t natural, because there seems to be a lot of cellulite creams and products out there.

I’m not expert on this topic, but I’ve done a lot of research for this blog and summarized all the information I have found.

Cellulaze Laser Treatment

This laser treatment involves putting a small laser tube underneath your skin. The laser is supposed to melt fat and break up the connective tissue, which then makes your collagen grow and thicken and reduces the cellulite.

From reviews I’ve read, it doesn’t seem to make it go away 100% and it might only last 1-2 years. But everyone is raving about it and says the results are amazing. I think it could definitely be worth a try if your cellulite really bothers you. Although I think it is quite expensive!

There are lots of other laser treatments available such as TriActiv, Velasmooth and Accent XL but you need lots of treatments. Cellulaze seems to be the best.

Z Wave Radio-Frequency Treatment

This treatment uses high energy radial shockwaves, which is supposed to work in a similar way to laser by breaking up connective tissue, increasing collagen production and increasing blood flow to the area.

From the reviews I have read, it seems about 50% of people were happy with treatment, while the other 50% said it didn’t do much for them. You may also need several treatments.

Ultrasound Treatment

This treatment releases pulses of acoustic waves, which break up your fat cells and promotes circulation. I should mention that Kim Kardashian’s surgeon (Dr. Ourian) does this type of treatment. It says you need 3 treatments.

Reading reviews online it seems like it’s effective in about 70% of people – the other 30% weren’t too happy.

Dermal Fillers

Injecting fillers into the area can make it look less bumpy and smooth it out. This treatment might work best for slimmer people who have cellulite.

Cellulite Creams

There’s no real evidence to show that cellulite creams work. Some people might notice some improvement if they use it religiously, but the results are most likely temporary.

Creams that contain retinoids (retinol) have been found to provide some temporary results.

Coffee Scrubs

Again, there is no real evidence to show that these coffee scrubs actually work. But caffeine may help to improve circulation and also dehydrate the skin. So using a coffee scrub might give you a temporary affect that lasts a few hours or a day, but it’s not long lasting.

If you have a special event coming up or are even just going to the beach, you could try using a cream and / or scrub that morning for a temporary improvement!how to get rid of cellulite

Overall, I don’t think any of these treatments get rid of cellulite completely, but they can make improvements. The natural remedies to get rid of cellulite are cheaper and also better for your overall health (eating healthy, exercising and drinking lots of water can only do good things right?!) so are definitely worth trying.

If you are really conscious of your cellulite and are willing to spend money, then the cosmetic treatments could also be worth a try xx

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