Cellulite affects lots of us. So if you have it, just know that you are not alone! It doesn’t matter if you are overweight or not – many women who are slim and fit have cellulite too. Just because you are slim, doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t get cellulite. It’s actually a fact that 90% of women will get cellulite in their lifetime! :(

This blog post isn’t really to talk about the cause of cellulite, because it seems that the pros aren’t 100% clear on what causes it. Genetics, lack of exercise, poor diet, poor circulation and hormones are thought to be the main culprits.

But anyway, back to what I want to talk about – how to get rid of cellulite naturally.


Resistance training is thought to be better than cardio for treating cellulite. Resistance training builds muscle, increases blood flow / circulation and can improve the appearance of cellulite. It won’t cure it completely, but it will make it look better.

Exercise may also help prevent cellulite. Connective tissue is weakened by excess fat and lack of muscle tone, and this can be prevented by exercising and improving your circulation.

I would aim to do some form of resistance training 3 times per week to get your muscles moving and blood circulating. It doesn’t need to be super strenuous – any form of resistance training is great! booty workout

Get Your Hormones Tested & Balanced

Everywhere I read seems to mention the fact that hormones play a role in causing cellulite. Hormone imbalances may affect the way your body stores fat and can also affect your circulation.

Improving both your hormones and circulation is thought to improve the appearance of cellulite.

I have had many issues with hormones imbalances so I have written a blog post on how a hormone imbalance can cause weight gain if you want to have a read to find out more.

You may be more susceptible to a hormone imbalance if you are taking the contraceptive pill or if you are going through menopause. If you think you have a hormone imbalance, it would be a good idea to see a doctor or naturopath to get your hormones tested and get the appropriate treatment.

Quit Smoking

For anyone out there who smokes! Smoking causes premature ageing and affects your skin in numerous ways. As you get older, your body’s collagen naturally decreases. Smoking speeds up this process. It will cause the skin to lose it’s elasticity and cellulite will appear worse.

I don’t know if smoking actually causes cellulite but it will definitely make it look worse. Stopping smoking may not make the cellulite look better, but it will hopefully stop it from getting worse over time.how to get rid of cellulite naturally

Dry Brushing

It is thought the dry brushing increases blood and lymph flow to an area, which can help with cellulite. There’s no scientific evidence to prove it, but it could be worth a try! All you need is a dry brush, so it’s cheap. Plus improving your circulation wouldn’t be a bad thing :)

Massage Or Foam Rolling

The idea behind massage and foam rolling is the same – improves circulation which can help with cellulite. I’m not 100% sure if it would work, but again, it’s worth a try. Plus who doesn’t love a massage! If you don’t like massages (crazy) or can’t afford them, you could always get a foam roller and do it at home in front of the TV.

Fitness wise I love having a foam roller for when my body is really sore. I know I should use it after every workout, but I don’t. But anyway, it’s a great piece of equipment to have and you should try to use it everyday if you can!

Eat A Healthy Diet

Again, eating a healthy diet will not cure cellulite. But it may help prevent it, and improve the appearance.

Eating lots of fruit and vegetables and natural, high fiber foods will help you lose weight (or maintain a healthy weight), reduce inflammation and keep your connective tissues strong.

Also make sure to drink lots of water!how to get rid of cellulite naturally

Wear Loose Underwear

I actually didn’t know this, but apparently underwear with tight elastic limits blood flow and can contribute to the formation of cellulite! So try to avoid really tight underwear.


I’ve done a lot of research on cellulite and it is clear that there is no “cure” or treatment that is 100% effective. None of these things that I’ve mentioned are really cures, but are things that can help prevent cellulite or improve the appearance of it.

I’m sure they will develop some type of amazing procedure in the future to get rid of cellulite. But at the moment, it seems like the best thing to do is take care of your body – eat well, exercise, don’t smoke, massage or foam roll, and make sure your hormones are all balanced!

I will write another blog post next week on cosmetic procedures, creams and scrubs and do a review of what works to get rid of cellulite and what doesn’t. So stay tuned for that! xx

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