Does anybody else adore Hannah Ferguson? I am such a huge fan! She’s modeled for Sports Illustrated (several times!), Triumph, Chloé, Dolce & Gabbana, Chanel, and more.

Hannah’s so fun to follow on Instagram because she shares such a good mix of her daily life. She shares makeup videos, pics from her numerous high-end photoshoots, snaps from time with her friends, and of course lots of pictures of her very toned abs!

Ok, clearly Hannah seems amazing. Here’s how the model stays in shape all year long:


Hannah’s approach to her diet is pretty straightforward. She tries to eat healthy, good-for-her foods. She loves fresh vegetables, fish, and fruit, and she tries to make these a major part of what she eats.

Although she tries to eat as healthy as possible, Hannah doesn’t follow any specific diets. She prefers to stay in tune with her body and listen to what it needs.

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Hannah starts every morning with a cup of coffee.

Her ideal breakfast also includes two scrambled eggs. She likes to get vegetables in as much as possible, so she’ll serve the eggs with spinach, mushroom, and avocado.


Hannah’s from Texas, and she loves eating Mexican-inspired meals from her home state. For lunch, she likes to make fish tacos. She’ll eat them with guacamole. It’s tasty and includes some healthy fat from the avocado.

She also likes to eat quinoa with chicken or another type of protein and vegetables.


For an average dinner at home, Hannah likes to eat fish with vegetables. She tries to eat most of her carbs earlier in the day, so she typically avoids rice, bread, or other grains and starches in the evening.

One of Hannah’s favourite restaurants in New York City is Pig & Khao, which serves Southeast Asian food. For dinner there, Hannah might enjoy braised curry beef. It’s served with lychee, Thai basil, kaffir, and coconut cream. Sounds delicious!

She also loves sushi when she’s eating out.


Hannah doesn’t typically have dessert or drink alcohol. However, she does not completely avoid them either.

For example, she enjoys a beer during summer barbeques with loved ones. She’ll also drink or try new desserts when she’s traveling on vacation!

Occasionally, Hannah will indulge in a treat or two as well. She has a big sweet tooth, so most of her indulgences are chocolate or ice cream.


The biggest food group Hannah avoids is dairy. Milk, cheese, and other dairy products can make her feel and look bloated and uncomfortable.

Hannah loves ice cream, though, so sometimes she’ll let herself enjoy it. Her favourite flavor is Ben & Jerry’s “Half Baked” frozen yogurt, which she says is a little bit better for her than regular ice cream.

She says the less dairy she has, the better her body and skin are. She typically eats ice cream one every other week or so.

Lactose intolerance is pretty common, and many women I know have experienced weight loss, better skin, and fewer gut issues when they give up dairy.

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Hannah doesn’t drastically change her diet prior to a modeling event or photoshoot. However, she will eliminate dairy completely for at least 72 hours.

She also drinks plenty of water and tries to eat as healthy as possible.



Hannah’s always had a lean, but strong, body. She grew up dreaming of becoming a figure skater, but she had to settle for ballet instead. There isn’t much ice in Texas, where she grew up.

Hannah was a promising dancer, but she suffered an injury as a teenager that kept her from pursuing her dream. She turned to modeling, where her dancer’s physique has certainly helped her career!

Here’s what she does now to maintain this look:


Running is the foundation that Hannah uses to keep her body in perfect shape. She does various types of resistance training, but she never gives up running.

Hannah doesn’t particularly like to run, but she says it is what works best for her body type. It is also how she says she maintains her lean, leggy look.

I agree — running can be AMAZING for your legs. Cardio (especially low to moderate cardio) is essential for lean legs, and running and wlaking one of the best forms of cardio you can do.

Hannah typically runs on a treadmill, where it is easier for her to track her progress. This helps her stay motivated. She’ll typically run for 3-5 miles several days a week.


Hannah likes to attend various workout classes to supplement her running. Although she works out her whole body, she’s especially concerned about making sure her legs and butt look very toned. Pilates, yoga, STL, and some strength training to do this.

She likes to focus on slow movements with her training. Hannah isn’t looking to bulk up or build much muscle. Instead, she says she tones by moving slowly and controlling the muscles throughout her body.

Hannah tries to do resistance training 2-3 times a week.

Here are some of the types of workouts she does:


As a model, Hannah needs to look defined without building too much bulk. The biggest way she achieves this is by doing reformer pilates classes.

Pilates can be a wonderful choice if your goal is to get lean and toned but without adding bulkiness. Lots of other celebrities, including Rosie Huntington Whiteley and Jenna Dewan, also love Pilates to stay in shape.

If you want to try a Pilates-inspired workout at home, I suggest you start with this full-body one. :)


Hannah also enjoys attending yoga classes. Yoga can help tone your body, and improve your flexibility and balance.

One of the great things about yoga is that it can help target most of the muscles in your body, including all of the little ones that are hard to get to otherwise. It can be a great way for models to maintain a toned, even look throughout their bodies.

I typically think that yoga works well alongside other types of exercises. It can be a great way to supplement Pilates, strength training, and other types of workouts. :)


STL stands for “Strengthen, Lengthen, Tone.” It is a type of workout that combines Pilates and barre on a reformer machine called a Megaformer. It’s all about using extremely controlled, slow, and intentional movements to push your muscles to fatigue.

It’s basically is a more intense version of Pilates, and it can be very challenging. On average, you can burn 600 calories in a 50-minute class!

Hannah tries to attend an STL class at least once a month, but she likes to go several times a month. It can vary depending on her schedule.


Hannah is a very successful model. She’s managed to work as a swimsuit and lingerie model, while also modeling for high-fashion brands. I’m not surprised by her success! She’s a very beautiful woman who has worked hard to achieve her dreams.

I loved learning more about how she takes care of her body to keep it in such incredible shape! Her discipline to exercise and her commitment to eating well are obvious.

I hope you enjoyed reading about Hannah as much as I enjoyed writing about her! :)


Rachael xx

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