How The Models Prepare For The Victoria Secret Fashion Show

The 2017 Victoria Secret Fashion Show aired yesterday, and I’m sure you will agree that all of the models looked absolutely stunning.

I know that these women work hard to look this way all year round, but I did some digging to see how the models prepare for the Victoria Secret Fashion Show. This is what I found :)


The models usually workout all year round, but before a show they will train 5-6 days per week. And sometimes even increase it to twice a day. They start their preparations about 2 months before the show so they have lots of time to get in their best shape.

Favorite workouts vary among the models, but a lot of them train at Dogpound, Body By Simone and Aerospace (boxing) – all of which are gyms in NYC. Workouts include boxing, barre, ballet, dance cardio, pilates, yoga, HIIT and resistance training.

Here are some workout tips from some of the models:

Victoria Lee

Victoria is an Australian model (woohoo!) who is a newbie this year. She said she uses resistance bands, light free weights, ankle weights, gliding discs, skipping ropes, wrist weights, sometimes a mini trampoline or just my own body weight.

Her focus is on light weights and high reps, pushing her muscles to fatigue. She also likes to include shot cardio bursts in her circuits.

Her workouts last for 55 minutes, followed by 15 minutes of stretching and foam rolling.

Victoria Lee has also done Ballet Beautiful, which models Lily Aldridge and Martha Hunt both swear by.how the models prepare for the victoria secret show

Karlie Kloss

Karlie said she has been doing a combination of high intensity cardio (such as SoulCycle) and Pilates-type strength training to prepare for the show. The strength training sessions involve isolating certain muscle groups and using resistance bands to strengthen her arms and legs.how the models prepare for the victoria secret fashion show

Georgia Fowler

Georgia says she trains 5-6 days per week. Her weekly workout program consists of one Pilates session, 2 weights sessions, 1 HIIT session, and 1 boxing or cardio session. Sounds intense!how the models prepare for the victoria secret fashion show


A lot of the model’s trainers and nutritionists say it’s about 80% what they eat, so their diet has to be healthy. A healthy diet helps them look lean, but also gives them the energy they need for their workouts and long days, keeps their skin and hair healthy, and reduces bloating and water retention.

Before the show, most models avoid sugar, processed food, excessive sodium, alcohol, and most of them also avoid dairy. Carbs are limited to morning or pre-workout only. And they increase their protein (including plant based protein) and veggie intake!

None of the models count calories.

Here are some diet tips from some of the models:

Victoria Lee

Having healthy snacks with you at all times is important so you avoid getting extremely hungry and overeating at meal times. Victoria says she always has snacks on hand. Some of her favorite snacks include dark chocolate, almonds, fruit or a packet of protein powder that she can mix with water.

Other than that, Victoria eats lots of protein, vegetables and quinoa.how the models prepare for the victoria secret fashion show

Kelly Gale

You can read about Kelly Gale’s full workout program here. Kelly eats lots of protein (egg whites, seafood, chicken, turkey) and vegetables. She also eats berries and spirulina to increase her vitamins and antioxidants.weight loss tips from models

Sara Sampaio

Sara loves carbs such as pizza, bread and pasta (she’s only human!). So she avoids that and eats lots of chicken, fish, fruit and veggies.how the models prepare for the victoria secret fashion show

Georgia Fowler

Georgia follows a diet very heavy in fruit and vegetables. Her diet is around 80% fruit and veg, 10% fat and 10% protein. Her fat comes from nuts and avocado (she said she eats 1 avocado per day!), and protein comes from fish. She avoids all dairy, processed food and carbs (besides those in nuts and vegetables).how the models prepare for the victoria secret fashion show

Other Tips

A lot of the models understand how important it is to keep your stress levels down, and how stress hormones can affect belly fat. They do everything they can to keep stress down such as meditation, getting massages or taking a bath. They also aim for 7-9 hours of sleep per night.

This also goes without saying, but they drink LOTS of water. They aim for 2-4L of water per day!

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