Who’s addicted to chocolate or some form of sugary goodness? I know I have been. Here are some tips to help you get over your chocolate addiction for good!

  1. Cut It Out For 21 Days

They say it takes 21 days without something, to prove that you are not addicted or to get over the addiction. So first step is to give up whatever your weakness is, for a full 21 days. If it’s chocolate, then that means giving up everything chocolate, including chocolate biscuits, chocolate drinks, chocolate flavoured foods, etc. This also includes “healthy” homemade chocolate treats.

The less you eat this type of food, the less you want it. For me, this is definitely true. When I’m great with my diet, I don’t actually crave foods like chocolate. But when I’m being more relaxed and having chocolate here and there, I just keep wanting to eat it!

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  1. Willpower

OK so the 21 days is up and you haven’t touched anything chocolate. You may want to, but don’t go and binge out on chocolate! Don’t reward yourself with chocolate because you haven’t had it.

The next step is to have willpower. Allow yourself to eat a bit of chocolate say once (or twice) per week, without eating large quantities of it, and without going back to eating it all the time. And if you’ve got a lot of junk food options at work, you need to have the willpower to say NO. As I mentioned, the less you eat it, the less you want it. Now, I don’t necessarily plan to have chocolate or junk food. I just eat really well when I can, and then if I go out for dinner with friends or family, I’ll allow myself to eat foods that I typically wouldn’t.

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  1. Don’t Buy It

You can’t eat chocolate if you don’t have it in the house – so don’t buy it! This makes it SO much easier to stick to eating healthy at home. If you know you have other trigger foods, then don’t buy these either.

  1. Increase Protein And Fibre Intake

Two things that a lot of females are deficient in are protein and fibre. Both of these have the highest thermic effect of food, meaning your body will use up more calories to digest these types of foods. Both are really great for keeping you feeling full for longer and will stop you from wanting to snack on the bad stuff.

High protein foods include lean meats, eggs, nuts, protein powders, soy and dairy. High fibre foods include fruits (especially apples), green vegetables, avocados, lentils, soy, chia seeds and other nuts and seeds.

Rachael Attard Fruit and Vegetables

4 Responses

  1. Hi Rachael! I just want to get something clarified. I’ve started to change my life by being eating healthy and exercises but I’m still confused on the cheat meals part. I watched this video about cheat meals and they said I can have one cheat meal a week if I’m a begginer, so I chose chocolate as my go to cheat meal. I have it once a week, but after reading this article I’m starting to get the impression that I have to cut eating chocolate completely. Can you please give me more info on how much is allowed, if any?

    1. Hi Megan, it really is a personal preference. Would you say you have a chocolate addiction? If so, then maybe cut it out. Otherwise I would just recommend eating it in moderation. I used to have cheat days myself but now I just prefer to eat “cheat” foods in moderation, but it really is a personal preference. Have a read of my blog post on the problem with cheat days xx

  2. Hi Rachel,

    I am looking at your 3 steps to skinny legs E-book and am just wondering whether you have a sample?
    I am vegetarian and just want to see if the meal plan would work for me and whether it is easy enough to replace the meat in the meals you recommend.

    Thanks :)

    1. Hi Taylah, I don’t have a sample to download sorry lovely. But the meal plan can definitely be tailored to suit a vegetarian. It might be a little harder if you are vegan, but definitely doable for a vegetarian :) xx

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