There are so many different types of fitness programs out there now! It’s great to have lots of options, but picking the right one for you can often be confusing and stressful.

I get lots of messages from women on a daily basis about a certain program not working for them. I had a lot of trouble find a workout program that suited me perfectly too. So I have decided to answer your questions and give you some tips on how to pick the right exercise program for you.

Here’s the step-by-step process I recommend! 

Figure out your goals

Setting fitness goals are so important. They help you understood exactly what it is that you’re looking for in a workout program, and it will help you stay motivated! It’s okay if your goals aren’t the same as everybody else’s. Your body has its own needs, and you know what you want.

Goals can be about the way you look or feel, about losing or gaining weight, or about accomplishing something (like running a 5K). Whatever they are, be sure to write them down so you can refer back to them (I put mine in the notes on my phone!). 

If you workout with somebody else or talk to your friends about fitness, share your goals with them! This will help you stay on track too!best fitness program for women

Try to choose goals that are:

  • Specific. For example, instead of saying you want to lose weight, write down how much weight you want to lose. 
  • Measurable. Can you keep track of your goal easily? For example, if you want a perky butt, make sure you are taking progress photos or taking measurements to watch your transformation. 
  • Realistic. It’s difficult (and unhealthy) to lose 10kgs in 1 month. So make sure your goals are something you can actually achieve.
  • Within a specific time. When do you want to see results by? Set a date! 

Discover Your Body Type

Earlier I said that your goals need to be realistic. Because we all have different, beautiful bodies, we can’t all look the same. Jennifer Lawrence and Taylor Swift both look great, but their different body types mean that their bodies will never look exactly the same! These ladies also probably have to train and eat differently to keep their bodies looking slim and toned. 

Women fall into three main body types: ectomorph, mesomorph and endomorph. If you’re not sure about your body type, take my free quiz to find out! At the end, you’ll get some of my tips on how to eat and exercise to suit you.

You might have to work out differently than your friends do. But you’ll see more of the results that YOU want when you accept and train for your body type.

Unfortunately, in my experience, lots of programs and trainers ignore the different body types, and they expect women to all exercise the same way. Some people even forget that women don’t all have the same fitness goals. This is unrealistic and hurts women who are trying to achieve different looks! So it’s suuuuper important to keep your body type in mindbest fitness program for women

Do You Want a Personal Trainer or Online Program?

Some programs out there require you to have lots of gym equipment, while others are great to do from the comfort of your living room. Some programs train you from online videos, PDFs, or an in-person trainer.

Let’s look at some options so that you can pick what works best for you!

About Personal Trainers

Some women choose to train with a personal trainer (PT) because they like the accountability that it gives them. They will also make sure you’re performing exercises correctly, and they often develop a workout program for you.

If you decide you want to work out with a personal trainer, make sure it is one who understands your body type and your goals. Try doing a free session with them first to make sure that their training style is one that you like.

When you go in to get a haircut, you probably bring photos of celebrities with the hairstyle you want. In the same way, bring in photos to your personal trainer. Ask them if they’ve helped other women get this look, and ask them how they will help you accomplish whatever your goals are.

Sometimes, personal trainers don’t understand what women want from fitness. If your PT has trained women with similar body types and goals as you, you’ll have a better chance of the seeing results you’re hoping for! 

Remember, you are hiring the PT, so it is fine to ask some questions to make sure you will be a good fit for each other. Try asking your potential personal trainer some questions like:

  1. How long have you been in the business? Do you have any accreditation?
  2. How do you tend to motivate people? Do you try to be fun, or do you motivate through intensity?
  3. Will we discuss my diet, too? Are you qualified to offer nutritional advice?
  4. Have you trained anybody with goals similar to mine? How did that go?

I’ve written more about how to choose the right personal trainers fitness program for women

About Online Programs

Online, at-home programs are a great option for women. Working at home is easy for beginners and also for those who are more experienced! Here are some reasons some women prefer home to the gym:

  • Working from home is more convenient.
  • Working from home is cheaper than paying for a gym membership.
  • You can focus on yourself, not on others.
  • You probably don’t need a lot of the equipment (if any).
  • Working out from home is less overwhelming for beginners.

There’s no shame in choosing to exercise from home, and there are lots of programs available for women who choose to do so.

Sometimes, programs get popular from word of mouth, or they can be “trending” on social media. Try not to get wrapped up in that.

Read different reviews (good and bad). Look at before and after photos of different programs. Are the woman achieving the look that you want? If you see a program that doesn’t match up with your dream body, don’t buy it! It will waste your time and money, and you ultimately won’t be as motivated to stay in shape!


Will My Lean Legs Program Work For You? 

When I was looking for exercise programs, I felt unheard. Too many programs I tried left me feeling bulky and exhausted. I needed a program that made me feel sleek and toned, and full of energy.

I designed my 3 Steps to Lean Legs Program around the body I and so many other women hope for. If you dream of losing fat and cellulite, toning your thighs, and perking up your booty, this program will work for you. 

The program is made for women who feel like they have too much leg muscle or who feel like they just want to slim down their legs. 

If these are your goals, know that:

  • I’ve altered this program to work with women from each body type!
  • Beginners can do this program too! Don’t be afraid to try it.
  • It’s full of nutrition advice for your body type! It takes the guessing game out of eating.
  • The program can be done from home (or gym if you prefer), but you won’t need a personal trainer.
  • You can keep it forever, making it affordable and something you can go to over and over again.
  • Lots of women have seen their legs slim down and tone up from this program. See their results on my Instagram.

If my Program is not for you, that’s OK! Everyone has different goals and different things that they want to get out of a workout fitness program for womenI never want any of you to be disappointed, so make sure to research the programs you are interested in to make sure they will actually work!

What are some of your goals? Have the programs you’ve tried helped you achieve them? Let me know in the comments section!

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