How To Get Skinny Legs: Endomorph Guidelines

Alright, endomorphs! As promised, here is your how to get skinny legs – endomorph workout and nutrition guidelines.

Your body type makes it a little more challenging for you to achieve lean and toned legs, but it is not impossible. It will just take longer and require more hard work and dedication!

Of course, they won’t be stick thin like a model, but you can definitely get them lean.

Your body type can have great strength and endurance, and you have a huge potential to transform your body – actually much more than the other body types!

All you need to do is follow a nutrition and exercise plan suited to YOUR body type to lose weight and get lean (but not muscular).

How to Get Skinny Legs – Endomorph Nutrition Guideline

The most important thing is not to eat too many (or too little) calories. You should be in a slight calorie deficit, but not too much as you will be working out intensely and need to fuel your body for your workouts.

To work out how many calories you should be eating, read my blog post here.

What you should be eating

Protein and fats will be your new best friends! Make sure you’re eating a diet that is high in protein and healthy fat.

Good sources of protein include lean meat (especially turkey, chicken, and fish), eggs, protein powder, yoghurt and soybeans. Good sources of healthy fats include salmon, avocado, nuts, seeds, nut butter, olive and coconut oil.


how to get skinny legs - endomorph



Unfortunately, carbs are not your friend. Your body type cannot get away with a high carb diet or too many naughty treats so you must have discipline.

You still need to eat carbs as they are absolutely essential for your body to function. But make sure you’re sticking to a low carb diet and are avoiding processed foods as much as possible.

Good sources of carbs include fruit, green vegetables, sweet potato, white potato, wholemeal bread, brown rice, and oats. But try to make sure your main carb source is vegetables.

The timing of your carb intake is also very important. Ensure that you focus on eating carbs first thing in the morning or within one-hour post workout.

Post workout, your body needs carbs to replenish your body, NOT store fat. This is the absolute best time to consume carbs, whether it be morning or night.

Research has also shown that glucose tolerance is highest in the morning so your body is best able to deal with carbs in the morning.


how to get skinny legs


Ideal Macronutrients

Because your body does better on a lower carbohydrate diet, I would suggest the following macronutrient breakdown:

  • 20-25% carbohydrates
  • 45-50% fats
  • 30% protein

This is quite low in carbohydrates so it is important to make sure that you are eating carbohydrate foods that are high in fiber such as fruit and vegetables.

The daily fiber requirements are 15g fiber per 1000 calories. So if for example, you eat 1500 calories per day, you should be eating a minimum of 22.5g fiber.

Fiber makes a HUGE difference to how full you feel (and of course your bowel movements) so it should be factored in!

How to Get Skinny Legs – Endomorph Workout Guideline

Your number one goal should be fat loss, but without gaining too much muscle.

For optimum results you should be doing the following:

  • Resistance training 3 times per week. Keep your resistance sessions low weight (or body type only) and high rep. Here is an example of a full body lighter resistance training session that you can do.
  • At least 20 minutes of power walking after every resistance training session (to burn more fat)
  • 2-3 days of high-intensity cardio only (preferably running)
  • Power walking at least 5 days per week (for at least 45 minutes each)
  • One rest (or active recovery) day

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Resistance training

Your goal should not be to lift as heavy as you can as you can bulk easily.

Lighter resistance training sessions using resistance bands and light weights can work just as well. For some more ideas, check out my free Skinny Legs eBook workouts.


how to get skinny legs - endomorph


Low-Intensity Cardio

Walking is great for your body type as it:

  • Helps reduce fat on your legs
  • Burns calories (more than you think!)
  • Won’t bulk you up

Try to do as much power walking as you can. As I mentioned above, try to do it 5 times per week for at least 45 minutes.

Also, I’ve written a very detailed blog post on why should most definitely incorporate walking into your workout routine if you want to slim down your legs.

High-Intensity Cardio

You should also have at least 2-3 days of cardio only. Running at a steady pace and on a flat surface will work best for your body type and will help you achieve fat loss on your lower body and get those desired skinny legs.

Some endomorph women (especially if you are shorter) can get bigger legs from running because running actually builds muscle.

If you know this is the case for you or if you are shorter, it might be best to avoid running and stick to power walking instead.


walking challenge



You should have at least one rest day. Rest is very important to help your body recover and prevent injury. If this program is too much, start out with a less intense program and work your way up.

Don’t get discouraged if you don’t see immediate results. It will take you longer to see a difference, but you just need to persist!

Your legs will probably be the last place that you see any weight loss (this is normal for most females) so if you’re seeing fat loss in your upper body and stomach, then keep going!

You’re on the right track to getting rid of that stubborn fat on your legs. Everyone is different, but it may take up to 8 weeks to see any noticeable difference.

So, my lovelies, there you have it – how to get skinny legs – endomorph edition. Try it out and let me know did you like it!

To find out more about my how to get lean legs eBook, click here.


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