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Last Updated on March 5th, 2020 7:45 PM

This blog post is for my athletic mesomorph female who seem to have won a genetic lottery when it comes to female body types.

As you know, there are 3 main body types- ectomorph, mesomorph, and endomorph– according to the body classification by William Sheldon that dates back from the 1940s.

Each body type responds to a different diet and workout regime to achieve the best fitness results.

Out of these three female body types, mesomorphic women are those who have naturally athletic bodies and respond quickly to exercise.

This is pretty great, as mesomorphs lose weight quite quickly, but they can also pack up some unwanted muscle mass pretty darn fast.

Trust me, I know! I am a mesomorph, too! :)

In this article, I’ll cover the main traits of a female mesomorph, as well as the best diet and workout regime for getting a lean and toned body, without any fear of bulking up (which can easily happen to this body type).

What Is A Mesomorph Female Body Type?

First, let’s take a closer look at a female mesomorph body type.

mesomorph-female-body-type- characteristics

They are typically characterized as naturally muscular, with a medium-size bone structure, broad shoulders and narrow waists.

Think of naturally lean-looking girls with moderate weight (not underweight or overweight) that seem to have some muscle definition even if they don’t work out too much.

Girls with a mesomorphic body type lose weight quickly, but on the flip side, they may gain weight just as readily and they distribute it evenly on their bodies.

They are generally referred to as athletic as they respond to exercise in a matter of weeks, gain muscle very quickly and have lower body fat levels.

If you’re extremely active but trying to stay lean and not gain too much muscle, you might consider this characteristic a disadvantage, because some workouts can bulk you up quite easily.

I’ve been there before :) More on that below.

If you’re not sure which body type you are, here is a FREE Body Type Quiz that will help you figure it out.

Who Are Famous Mesomorph Women?


If you think of athletic-looking women in Hollywood and show business and you will most like pick celebrity mesomorphs.

Absolute badass babes like Gal Gadot, Jessica Biel, Halle Berrie, and Jessica Alba are all mesomorphs.

When it comes to famous models, the majority of the Victoria Secret angels and supermodels are all mesomorph from Adriana Lima and Lily Aldridge to Gigi Hadid and Doutzen Kroes.

The Best Diet For Mesomorph Women

the best diet for mesomorph women would be a combination of healthy fats, proteins and some carbs

The calorie needs of mesomorph females are maybe a bit higher than those of endomorphs (as they have a higher percentage of muscle mass), but they should still be very careful about not consuming more than they need, as they can gain weight very quickly.

If you’re not sure how to calculate your daily calorie intake, check out my blog post that will help you figure it out.

Mesomorphs do best on a balanced diet, which means eating a combination of healthy fats, protein and carbs.

Try to eat fat, protein and a few carbs at each meal.

I still find that most of my mesomorph clients that are trying to get lean quick (including myself) do much better on a higher protein diet, and I do try to limit daily carb intake.

I’d recommend trying it yourself- rotating between a week or two of a lower carbs-higher protein diet and a balanced ratio of protein/fat/carbs and seeing which one works the best for you.

What Should Female Mesomorphs Eat Daily?

As I mentioned, you don’t need to restrict much of any certain food types (besides going a bit lower on carbs if you like), and you should have a diet consisting of balanced carbohydrates, proteins and fats.

A good macronutrient breakdown is:

  • 30-35% carbohydrates
  • 35-40% protein
  • 30% fat
macronutrient breakdown of the mesomorph girls diet
Macronutrient breakdown for mesomorphs

How Many Carbs Should Mesomorphic Females Eat?

The majority of your carbs should be consumed around breakfast and post-workout when your body needs it most.

Post-workout, your body needs carbs to replenish your body, NOT store fat. This is the absolute best time to consume carbs, whether morning or night.

Make sure your carbs are coming from healthy and low GI carb sources such as vegetables, fruits, quinoa, oats and brown rice, rather than white, sugary or processed carbs.

The Best Workouts For Women With Mesomorph Body Type

Regular cardio will be a key factor in keeping your body from gaining fat and also slimming down your legs.

Example workout plan for mesomorph female body type:

  • Resistance training 3 times per week (can include some HIIT)
  • High-intensity cardio 3 times per week
  • Power walking at least 5 times per week
  • One rest (or active) recovery day per week

Should Mesomorphs Lift Weights?

As your body type can build muscle quickly, you need to be careful of the exercises that you do so you don’t pack on lots of muscle.

I recommend using light weights and resistance bands (or just bodyweight) and keeping your repetitions high.

Focus more on endurance rather than strength in your resistance sessions (to prevent bulking).

Here is an example of a lighter resistance circuit you can do to tone up without adding bulk.

weekly workout guide for mesomorph girls

Related: Female Guide to Lean & Toned, NOT Bulky

Should Mesomorphs Do HIIT?

HIIT workouts are great for the mesomorph body type, so some of your resistance training sessions can be HIIT.

Just be wary of building too much muscle with weighted HIIT workouts and lots of leg-focused exercises.

Here is an example of a full-body HIIT workout that won’t bulk up your legs.

Cardio Tips For Mesomorphs

cardio tips for mesomorph females

You should aim to have 3 cardio-only days.

High-intensity cardio, such as running on a flat surface and at a steady pace, works best for fat loss without bulking.

To challenge yourself, you can make one of these cardio sessions high-intensity interval cardio (read my blog post on how to do intervals for lean legs).

Power walking is one of the best forms of exercise for reducing body fat on your legs, so I recommend doing as much as you can!

At a minimum, aim to power walk for 30-60 minutes most mornings (preferably on an empty stomach).

To find out more about why power walking is essential for leaning out legs, read my blog post here.

What About Rest Days?

You should have at least one rest day as it will help prevent overtraining and injury.

Remember that you don’t get fitter and stronger during your workout- this happens afterwards, during recovery.

If you can’t stand the thought of having a rest day, you can have an active recovery day and do something light such as walking or yoga.

How Fast Will Mesomorphs Lose Weight?

You may notice muscle definition and strength in a matter of weeks, before you notice a significant fat loss.

This is okay, however, make sure you’re keeping up with the cardio to reduce your body fat, particularly on your legs.

It is normal for your legs to be the last place you notice weight loss, so if you’re seeing fat loss in your upper body and stomach, then you’re on the right track to getting rid of that stubborn fat on your legs!

Remember that these are general tips, and everyone’s bodies will be different and respond differently to exercise.

If I have suggested something that doesn’t seem to be working for you, change it!

If you’re gaining more muscle than you would like, then reduce your weights and increase your cardio.

It’s your body, so do what makes you look and feel your best!

Overall, though, I hope that I have been able to provide some information to help.

How To Get Slim Legs As A Mesomorph Female

I should also mention that my 3 Steps to Lean Legs Program is designed to help you get gorgeous lean legs without bulk.

There are 3 versions of my program, one for each of the three body types.

The mesomorph body type version of the program is designed specifically for girls. It combines the right type of cardio and resistance training.

My program also contains an 8-week meal plan and the mesomorph version has your ideal macronutrient ratio. 

That way, you can be sure you’re going to get the best possible results! :)

Here are some of my mesomorph girls’ transformations after finishing my program.

mesomoprh female before and after
mesomorph woman before and after

Also, the resistance training part of my program now has FULL-LENGTH videos that you can follow from warm up to cool down.

To find out more about my 3 Steps to Lean Legs Program click the link below:


To find out more about my FULL-LENGTH VIDEOS, follow this link: 


Love Rachael xx

Picture of Rachael

Rachael is an Australian born certified personal trainer and nutritionist who holds a Bachelor degree in Science.

After struggling for years to find an exercise and diet program that is tailored to women striving for lean and toned body with no bulk she designed her Lean Legs Program. This program is tailored to each body type and focused on helping women get toned but feminine bodies, without getting bulky.

Her mission is to empower women and help them stay in shape in a healthy and balanced way.

267 comments on “Mesomorph Female Diet & Workout Tips For Getting Lean”

    Lexie says:

    Hello!! Does it matter if I do more than 3 days of high intensity cardio?
    And , how long should the high-intensity cardio sessions should be? Is it okay if I jog 20 min 5 days a week?

    Aliya says:

    Hi Rachael,

    Would doing dance cardio once a week bulk up legs?

    Thank you!

      Tijana - Lean Legs Support says:

      Hi lovely!

      Dance cardio shouldn’t bulk up your legs, just make sure that it’s only dancing (that there are no squats, lunges, etc. that could work your quads too much). Otherwise, crank up the volume and dance away! <3


    Lexie says:

    I have a question:
    the cardio workouts included in your Lean legs program are only running and walking?
    or are they actual cardio routines?

      Tijana - Lean Legs Support says:

      Hi lovely,

      Cardio in Rachael’s program consists of both low and high-intensity cardio so depending on your body type, it can include – running, walking and HIIT. 🙂

      If you have any other questions, feel free to ask! xx


    Cerah says:

    I have huge quads and lots of muscle packed on the top of my thighs and want to get rid of thick muscular thighs. What should I do?

      Marina - Lean Legs Support says:

      Hi lovely,

      Thanks for reaching out!

      I know that reaching your fitness goals can be hard, and that you probably have lots of questions about how to get that lean and toned body.

      We would love to help you as much as we can :)

      So for starters, please read this blog post on how to slim down muscular thighs: https://www.rachaelattard.com/slim-muscular-thighs-skinny-legs/

      And if you want to achieve the best possible results and get the body of your dreams, Rachael has something special for you – the Lean Legs program.

      The program is an 8-week workout and nutrition plan designed to help you get lean and toned without bulking.

      It will help you slim down your legs, but will also help you slim and tone your upper body and core too (the workouts are full body).
      It also includes a full meal plan, a separate recipe eBook and demonstration videos.

      You can find out more about the Lean Legs Program here: https://www.rachaelattard.com/lean-legs-program/


    Kristina says:

    Hi rachael,wanted to ask you should i walk preferably on an empty stomach each morning ps.i am a mesomorph or can i incorporate periods of walking throughtout the day ?Is it reallly necessery to walk most mornings for my bodytype before i have eaten anything ? Also instead of running can i do boxing as an high intensity cardio 3x a week or dancing ?can i substitute running for boxing or dancing?Will that give me the desired results that i want in terms of slimming my legs?Or can i substitute running for extra 20 minuite walk?which one is better in your opinion for my bodytype for slimming out my legs and my upper body at the same time ,boxing or extra walking instead of running?Or can i incorporate session of both of them ?Alson can dancing help me or will it bulk me up ?Is there a type of dancing that i can practice as an high intensity cardio session for a slim and toned look?

      Diana - Lean Legs Support says:

      Hi lovely,
      Of course you can walk throughout the day as well. Walking is one of the best workouts for slimming down the legs, so the more walking you do the better! :)
      You don’t have to necessarily do fasted cardio first thing in the morning, this is totally up to you.
      Nothing will slim down your legs like walking and running will,so we recommend substituting running sessions with more power walking (20 minutes more). But feel free to do boxing as well – it’s a great workout that won’t make you bulky.

      As for the dancing, it really depends on what type of dancing you are doing and how much. If you’re dancing for really long periods every day, then your legs may increase in size, regardless of what dancing you’re doing. Overusing your leg muscles can cause bulkiness.
      If your style of dance requires lots of jumping and moving from sitting to standing, then it may cause bulkiness. Otherwise feel free to do it instead of running on some days. I hope that helps!

      Diana xx

    Sofia says:

    Hi Rachel,
    I am a mesomorph and I have always been having trouble slimming my thighs. I usually jog on the treadmill for 4 minutes and Sprint for 1 minute then take a 30 second break and redo the same process until the time reaches 30 mins. Then I walk until the calorie counter says 800 calories. After my run I do stretch lunges and hamstring deadlifts with 15 pound weights. But instead of getting slim my thighs are getting thicker. Is there something wrong I’m doing? What diet can I do as well for my body type?
    Sorry for asking all these questions. I hope I’m not being a burden and wasting your time. Thank you.

      Diana - Lean Legs Support says:

      Hi lovely,
      Doing lots of HIIT, squats, lunges and weight lifting in general makes you build muscle, which is why your thighs are getting bigger.
      We would love to help you as much as we can :) So that’s why we have created the Lean Legs Program!
      Our program is an 8 week workout and nutrition plan designed to help you get lean and toned without bulking.
      It will help you slim down your entire legs, but will also help you slim and tone your upper body and core too (the workouts are full body).
      It also includes a full meal plan, a separate recipe eBook and demonstration videos.

      You can find out more about it here:

      Lean Legs Program

      I would also recommend downloading our free 7 Day Slim Legs Diet for some healthy diet ideas that will also work for your body type! xx


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