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Juice Cleanse: Pros and Cons

juice cleanse

Let's talk juice fasting! I got a message recently on Instagram from one of my lean legs club girls. She wanted to know if it is a good idea to do a post-summer juice cleanse to kick-start a new exercise season. You've probably come across advert...

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5 Foods To Cleanse Your Liver

5 Foods to Cleanse Your Liver

Do you know which organ in your body takes the hit when you choose bad foods or overload with caffeine/alcohol? It's your liver. I will be talking about how liver health effects weight loss and about 5 foods to cleanse your liver. Your liver h...

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#152 Beginner’s Guide To Healthy Eating

beginner's guide

Eating healthy is not difficult. Sure you can get caught up in the details of how many carbs should I eat or do bananas have too much sugar or should I eat small or big meals, etc. But the main thing here is to eat REAL food. And eat food that is le...

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