There is so much confusion when it comes to fruit, sugar and carbs. I often see articles from nutritionists saying that to lose weight you need to cut out all sugar, and that includes the type of sugar from fruit. And then on the other side of the spectrum you’ll see vegans advertising that they eat ridiculous amounts of fruit every day and have never been leaner. So….. is fruit good for you or what? And how much fruit should you eat in a day?


I do agree that to lose weight, you need to cut out sugar. BUT I do not think that you need to cut out natural sugar found in fruit. The reason is because that while yes fruit does contain carbs and sugar, it also contains a HUGE amount of nutrients and fiber.

All of the studies based on cutting out sugar for weight loss, are based on processed forms of sugar. The studies do not take into account natural forms of sugar in the form of fruit. I know this is a personal opinion, but I am a sports nutritionist and I do not agree with cutting out fruit.

How To Calculate Your Daily Calorie IntakeWHAT TYPE OF FRUIT IS BEST?

People often say that berries are best because they contain the most antioxidants and nutrients, and have less carbs and sugar. I do agree with this. But that’s not to say that the nutrients found in other fruits such as bananas and apples aren’t also great. Eating a banana over a muesli bar will be better for you ALWAYS.

Fruit is not bad for you.

Personally I try to have both berries and bananas on a daily basis. Mix it up and eat a variety of fruits to get the most nutrients.

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It is unhealthy to eat too much fruit, just like it’s unhealthy to eat too much of anything, regardless of what the food is.

How much fruit you can eat really depends on your lifestyle. If you are a sedentary person who does no exercise, then you probably need less carbs and I would recommend 1-2 pieces of fruit per day at a maximum. If you are a very active person who trains everyday and eats lots of healthy food, then there is no problem eating 2-3 pieces of fruit per day. Vegans may need to eat more fruit because they are limited in the other types of foods they can eat. Eating 10 serves of fruit per day though wouldn’t be that great for your insides, not to mention that you will be going to the toilet a lot with all of that fiber.


So to summarize:

  • Fruit is not bad for you
  • Eat a variety of fruits, including berries
  • I recommend 2-3 serves of fruit per day for active individuals

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    1. Hi lovely, ❤️

      Fruit is definitely beneficial for your body and you should include it in your diet – as for when to eat it, I guess it depends on many factors, including your tummy. If it feels good to eat it and if you don’t eat a tone of it and by doing so, eat more than your ideal calorie intake, sure, go ahead – but be prepared to wake up in the night to go to the bathroom (that’s a lot of liquid). It’s just about finding a balance. :) If you need help and tips, it would be best you write at 😘😘


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