Let’s get straight to the point – which is better for fat loss?

The answer is: BOTH!

If you were to run for 30 minutes, you would burn more calories than you would power walking for 30 minutes. But for walking and running are both important for optimum fat loss. Here’s why.

Running is really great because:

1) It burns lots of calories
2) It increases your cardiovascular fitness which also increases your anaerobic threshold. This means that you can exercise longer and at a higher intensity in the “fat burning” zone and as a result, burn more fat.

how to get skinny legs - hiit sprinting

Power walking is great because:

1) It burns FAT. Because it is a lower intensity exercise, your body uses glucose and fat to produce energy. Your body uses other energy sources (such as glycogen and creatine phosphate) to produce energy during higher intensity exercise.
2) It is less intense on your body and your joints so you can do this exercise for longer periods of time and more frequently.how to get skinny legs - workout guidelines for mesomorphs

One of my previous blog posts goes into detail about why low to moderate intensity cardio is actually very important for fat loss. Read more about it here.

Everyone is different and depending on your body type, certain types of cardio may benefit you differently. To find out what body type you are, check out this blog post on body types. I also have free workout and nutrition guidelines for each of the three main body types. In the guidelines I highlight the types of cardio you should be doing and how often. You can read up on the free guidelines here:

These types of workouts are also the basis for my 3 Steps To Lean Legs Program, which contain workout and nutrition programs for each body type. Read more about my 3 Steps To Lean Legs Program here.

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