This is a killer ab workout for women, and it is quite challenging (trust me, it is more difficult than it looks!). It works every muscle in your core, and is a great workout to add to the end of cardio or just to do on its own.

But as I always like to remind you guys, if you need to reduce belly fat, working out is not enough.

You cannot spot reduce fat. But you can combine this type of workouts with cardio training. And, most importantly, you need to eat healthy.

Hope you like this workout! :)



  • Complete 6 reps of each, without any rest.
  • After you have completed 1 round, you can rest for 60 seconds if you need to.
  • Complete a total of 2-3 rounds.

1. STRAIGHT LEG TOE TAPS (complete 6 reps each side)killer ab workout for women

2. HALF TUCK AND PIKE (using gliding discs – I will put the link to the discs I use at the bottom of this post)killer ab workout for women

3. CRUNCH PULSES killer ab workout for women

4. PYRAMID PLANK killer ab workout for women

5. ONE SIDED V UPkiller ab workout for women

6. ONE SIDED ROPE CLIMBERS (using gliding discs)killer ab workout for women


These are the gliding discs that I use for my workouts. I like these ones the best as you can use them on both hard and carpeted surfaces (for carpeted surfaces, you just remove the material cover).Amazon gliding discs for blog

Buy gliding discs here

And if you have any workout requests, please let me know! I’m always looking for new workout ideas :)

I should also mention my 3 Steps To Lean Legs Program which is designed to help you get lean and toned legs.

The program includes FULL body workouts, cardio training and an 8-week meal plan so you can be sure you’re eating healthy.

So if you like this style of training that gives you a toned look without making you bulky, my program might be perfect for you :)

Love Rachael Xxbest fitness program for women

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