Kimberley Garner is a swimwear designer and TV personality. Her life is very glamorous, but she still has an approachable fitness lifestyle. She is beautiful, and I was so curious to learn what she does to stay in shape.

Luckily, she’s pretty active on social media, and she is very open about her favourite foods and workout routine. :) She eats delicious foods (who else loves poke?), and she does great workouts that help her stay lean.

Kimberley Garner’s Diet

Kimberley likes to follow the mantra, “Breakfast for a king, lunch for a queen, and dinner for a pauper.” In other words, she eats her largest meal of the day for breakfast compared to the other meals.

For her, eating a lot later in the day can make her feel sluggish and keep her from sleeping. Also, some people find that eating healthier, nutritious, filling meals for breakfast and lunch help them stay energised throughout the day, and this diet routine can help keep you from munching on junk food or sweets late at night.

During the beginning of the pandemic, Kimberley began cooking more for herself and eating at home. She said doing this totally changed her attitude and approach to eating. Cooking nutritious meals for herself helped her feel better physically, and she also said she liked the way it made her body look too.

What Kimberley Eats in a Day

Kimberley is active on Instagram, which is lucky for us! I love learning about what she enjoys eating for different meals, and she does a good job of sharing what she eats throughout the day.

Here are some of her meals:


As I mentioned, Kimberley tends to focus on eating larger meals for breakfast. Here are some of her go-to meals:

Pancakes: For breakfast, she will sometimes keep it simple with a stack of pancakes and a cup of coffee. She tends to do this on simple Saturdays at home. She makes her pancakes with a banana and 2 eggs, and she enjoys using 100% maple syrup on them too as a treat.

Fruit: She enjoys fresh fruit and fruit juice in the morning. Flip through her Instagram stories, and you’ll spot bananas in the background. They seem to be one of her favourite fruits. She also enjoys eating banana bread for breakfast!

Bread, avocado, and eggs: For a healthier meal, she likes to eat two slices of bread with avocado and soft-boiled eggs. Sounds delicious! Avocados and eggs are high in fat, which can help you stay full throughout the day.


Kimberley frequently goes to Japanese and Japanese-inspired restaurants. She eats ramen, sushi, poke bowls, and robatayaki.

Poke bowls in particular can be really nutritious. She seems to eat hers with salmon, edamame, avocado, cucumber, shaved radish, and red onion.

When she’s in Florida, she likes to stop at Makato, a restaurant in Bal Harbour. There, she might enjoy one of their bowls of ramen (she loves noodles!) with ground steak, pork, garlic, bean sprouts, and red chili.


When she goes out to eat, she also enjoys picking a bowl of pasta, and she often opts for a burger with fries.

Fried chicken is also one of Kimberley’s favourite things to eat.

What Treats Kimberley Eats

Kimberley isn’t overly restrictive with her diet. Even though she tries to eat healthy food and monitor her portion sizes, she still indulges when she feels like it.

She has a sweet tooth, and she doesn’t believe that depriving herself is healthy. In fact, she wants to enjoy her life in London, and sometimes that means indulging in sweets. Kimberley especially likes truffles, coconut ice cream, and pasta with cheese.

However, she tries to make up for this in other areas. For example, to satisfy her sweet tooth, she might pick a slice of cake instead of a glass of wine as an after-dinner treat. When she’s on vacation at the beach, she enjoys cocktails. One of her favourites is a White Russian (she makes it with whole milk).

As an alternative to coffee, she will sometimes drink a cup of green tea or make a green smoothie. She lives a very active lifestyle, and a smoothie packed with veggies is a great way for her to quickly consume vitamins and minerals.

Kimberley Garner’s Workout Routine

Kimberley keeps an active lifestyle and makes working out an important part of her daily life. She typically exercises several days per week, and she likes to switch up the types of exercises she does.

Cardio Workouts

Getting in cardio workouts has been a part of Kimberley’s routine for years. She has been running for at least seven years, and she likes to up the challenge by running on the beach when she can.

In addition to this, she goes on regular walks. She has a dog, and she takes him out to walk often too. They like to go out to walk at the end of every day together. :) During the pandemic, she was pretty strict with the activities she participated in. She chose to exercise by walking and doing yoga at home instead of at a gym.

Kimberley also loves swimming! She loves being in the water as much as possible, and she’ll often end her workouts with a swim. Swimming can be a great way to get in a cardio workout. :)

Finally, Kimberley loves dancing. Sometimes, if she’s in the right mood, she’ll blast music at home and dance around as a quick workout. But she also goes to Zumba classes at least once per week (at least before the pandemic!). She credits Zumba for helping her develop a strong core.

Resistance Training

Kimberley’s love for dancing helps her with toning her muscles too. She loves going to ballet classes, and these can be a great form of resistance training. To train, ballet dancers follow many moves that are similar to those in a Pilates, barre, or even yoga class.

Ballet can help tone muscles throughout your body, and Kimberley isn’t the only public figure who gravitates toward dancing as a way to stay in shape. Victoria’s Secret Angel Lily Aldridge follows a similar routine. :)

Kimberley also loves going to Pilates classes. She likes the way they help to tone her body, and she feels like Pilates has helped to enhance the lean curves she has throughout her body.

Yoga is a must for Kimberley too. She loves incorporating yoga throughout her day. She’ll do it first thing in the day as a morning stretch, and she cools down after her cardio workouts with it too.

Finally, Kimberley will also do bodyweight resistance training, and she likes to tack this onto the end of a walk or run. Some of her exercises include:

  • Pushups
  • Side bridges
  • Crunches
  • Leg raises

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Her Post-Workout Routine

After completing a workout, Kimberley likes to hop into an ice bath. She mixes ice with cold water and sits in the bath for about 5 minutes. The bath helps boost her energy and mood, and she says it is a great shock to her body.

Wrapping Up

Kimberley has an amazing, lean body. I appreciate that she follows a balanced diet that is sustainable to her. If you tend to gain weight quickly or you struggle to lose weight, you might need to be more careful with your diet than she seems to be. :)

I love Kimberley’s approach to fitness. As you probably know, I love going on long walks, and I think walking is an awesome form of working out. Kimberley keeps her resistance training relatively simple. Instead, she focuses on keeping her body lean and toned through bodyweight resistance training and workouts like Pilates and ballet. I prefer bodyweight exercises too, as I find I bulk up too much with strength training with weights.

I admire Kimerbley’s happy, open approach to life. :) I love learning about other people’s fitness routines! Let me know if there’s anybody else I should write about.

Love Rachael xx

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  1. Great post. thank you :)
    Do you believe that ballet could be an aerobic exercise too or only serves as resistance?
    Thank you <3

    1. Hi lovely,

      The energy bursts and frequent brief intervals that ballet usually composes of demand spurts of power and strength from the muscles, but relatively little endurance. Ballet leans more on being aerobic but depending on the style and moves that you do, it can also be considered as a form of strength training. :)

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