Lady Gaga needs no introduction. She’s an amazing woman who has been inspiring all of us for years. In addition to her amazing music and, more recently, her acting skills, Lady Gaga always looks stunning. I love the way she is unashamedly herself.

Over the years, Lady Gaga has perfected her diet and workout routine into one that works well for her lifestyle and health needs. Here’s what she does to take care of her body:

Lady Gaga’s Diet

In the past, Lady Gaga has struggled with her body image, something that she’s been open with to fans. She used to be bulimic, and sometimes she still has trouble accepting herself. Now, she enjoys making food, which can help some people have a better relationship with their diet. :)

Lady Gaga loves to cook! She likes sharing her recipes on social media, which gives us great insight into what she eats on a regular basis. Although she isn’t a vegan or a vegetarian, Lady Gaga is a huge fan of vegetables, and she eats them throughout the day. She likes to grow them fresh in her garden, but she also makes sure to eat plenty when she is away from home on tour. Lady Gaga also likes to make sure her meals have plenty of fiber, which helps to keep her full and energised during her busy days.

Even though she likes to cook, Lady Gaga has a personal chef named Bo O’Connor. Bo isn’t just her chef. The two grew up together and are friends. Lady Gaga relies on him to help keep her on track and plan her meals. She has other things on her mind! Bo encourages Lady Gaga to enjoy her food whether that’s with occasional indulgent dishes or with tasty, but healthy, meals on a more regular basis.

Here are some of the things she likes to eat in a day.

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What Lady Gaga Eats for Breakfast

Lady Gaga loves smoothies and considers these to be an easy way to fill up quickly. She prioritises nutrients and likes to make her smoothies with a coconut water base.

If she isn’t having a smoothie, she likes to have eggs or egg whites with veggies for breakfast. Sometimes she’ll have Greek yoghurt with fresh fruit or granola. If Lada Gaga is craving something sweet for breakfast, Bo will make her a healthier version of that dish. For example, if she wants French toast, he’ll make it with whole wheat bread and go easy on the sugar.

She also has to have coffee every day, and she’s a big fan of green tea. :)

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What Lady Gaga Eats for Lunch

Lady Gaga typically has a quinoa bowl with black beans, grilled shrimp, and lots of vegetables for lunch.

She also eats lots of salads. What she likes to do is mix them up with different ingredients so that she doesn’t get bored or tired of eating the same thing. She likes to make sure her salads include veggies, whole grains, and protein. Bo always flavours her salads with freshly ground black pepper.

What Lady Gaga Eats for Dinner

Lady Gaga eats a lot of different types of meals for dinner. Sometimes she’ll have another salad or quinoa bowl in the evening, and other times she’ll enjoy a turkey burger with sweet potato fries.

One of Bo’s favourite, go-to meals to make for dinner is a roasted chicken with seasonal vegetables. He covers the chicken with spices and butter. Sounds great!

Lady Gaga is Italian-American, and she loves making food that honours her heritage. Her dad even has a cookbook with some of their family dishes! One dish she enjoys making is homemade ravioli with butternut squash and basil pesto. If she wants a healthier pasta, she’ll try gluten-free or quinoa-based pasta, and she always makes sure to serve them with lots of veggies. She loves grilled shrimp in her pasta for protein.

She also likes Vietnamese food. In fact, this is what she had for dinner the night before her 2019 Oscar win!

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What Lady Gaga Snacks On

Lady Gaga likes to keep her fridge and pantry full of healthy and filling snacks that she can reach for when she needs them. She loves Greek yoghurt, turkey slices, tofu, grain chips, whole-grain pretzels, rise crisps, hummus, and almond butter with Scandinavian crackers. She always has vegetables ready to munch on.

One of her tricks is that she likes to buy snack-sized containers of things. That way, the snack is already portioned out for her. Lady Gaga also likes to keep kombucha and unsweetened ice tea in the fridge.

As a treat, Lady Gaga loves sweet cereal. She tries to avoid sweets like this on tour so that she’ll feel her best, but that doesn’t mean she never has sugar!

Lady Gaga’s Workout Routine

Lady Gaga prioritises working out consistently. She’s worked with celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak for years, and the two of them mostly focus on strength-building workouts. Harley has worked with other celebrities, including Kim Kardashian, Gwyneth Paltrow, Ariana Grande, Rihanna, and Megan Fox. Wow!

Lady Gaga works out at least 5 times a week, sometimes more if she’s preparing to go on tour. Harley says Lady Gaga has never needed to lose weight. Instead, they focus on keeping her strong and able to perform well.


Lady Gaga is a big fan of cardio, and she makes sure to incorporate it into her life. Sometimes, she views her performances as cardio. After all, she is dancing and moving around a lot! But she makes sure to do cardio off stage too. For example, she keeps a SoulCycle bike on her tour bus so that she can work out whenever she needs to.

She also likes to use a VersaClimber. While she’s climbing, she sinks to make sure that she can sing and move at the same time! Amazing.

Lady Gaga likes to swim, which can be a great source of cardio. She wrote on Instagram that she will even swim laps before some of her shows!

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Strength Training

Lady Gaga does strength training 5 times a week for at least 35 minutes a session. She trains her entire body, but she and Harley really focus on doing resistance training that works her abdominal muscles. Lady Gaga likes to wear outfits that show off her core, so she wants to make sure it looks fantastic. And, of course, it does!

Some of the most common exercises she does include:

  • Skater lunges (she does six sets of twenty)
  • Reverse lunges
  • Overhead dumbbell tricep extensions
  • Lateral dumbell raises
  • Bicycle crunches

In addition to strength training, Lady Gaga likes to ride horses. Riding actually requires excellent strength and balance, and it can be a good form of exercise. One advantage to horse riding is that it can help strengthen the pelvic floor, legs, and core.

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Yoga and Pilates

Lady Gaga loves yoga, and she’s done it for years. She started when she was in college in 2004 while attending New York University. Since then, she’s attended different classes and has kept up with her practice on her own. She enjoys the physical benefits of yoga, and she also values the way it helps her with her mental health.

Lady Gaga has done Pilates with trainers Sloan-Taylor Rabin and Lisa Marie Goodwin. She used Pilates in 2017 to help her improve some chronic pain that she was experiencing.

In addition to yoga and PIlates, Lady Gaga sometimes does something called Gyrotonics. Gyrotonics uses a gyrotoner machine. With it, you do motions similar to that in yoga. It is supposed to help improve motion, strength, and mobility.

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Final Thoughts

Lady Gaga has been an inspiration to me for so long. I’ve been working out to her music for ages, and she continues to make such inspirational and beautiful art. I’ve loved learning more about how Gaga has stayed in shape for all these years and how she takes care of her body.

Let me know if you have any questions about her routine in the comments!

Love, Rachael Xx

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