Lana Condor seems like the sweetest person. She has the most beautiful smile, and she always appears kind in interviews. Lana is an actor, model (for many places, including Aerie), and singer.

I’ve loved learning more about what she eats and what motivates her to keep going!

Lana Condor’s Diet

Lana has always loved food. She likes to eat different foods every day. She loves trying to meals, and she gets bored if she’s eating the same things over and over again. Because of this, she doesn’t typically meal-prep her foods. Lana sometimes makes her own food, and her boyfriend will also cook for her.

She also likes to take advantage of the many good restaurants in Seattle, where she lives. There, she finds Cuban food, sushi, Poke bowls, burgers, tacos, seafood, and more.

Lana’s Breakfast

Lana loves coffee. She drinks it almost every day when she is working. But, in the mornings, she absolutely needs a cup of green tea with antioxidants to get her going.

For food, she likes to switch it up depending on the day. She loves breakfast food, and eating breakfast is one of her favourite parts of her day! :) One meal she likes the most is scrambled eggs with a tiny bit of tomato sauce and veggie breakfast links. She serves this with salt, a bit of olive oil, everything but the bagel seasoning, and avocado.

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Lana’s Lunch

Lana loves eating Poke bowls for lunch. She lives in the Pacific Northwest, where there’s plenty of fresh fish to pick from. She likes to eat fresh salmon and spicy tuna on a bed of greens and rice. For the sauce, she likes Ponzu and spicy light mayo. Her bowl is usually topped off with edamame, furikake, ginger, and seaweed salad. This lunch fills her up without making her feel lethargic. She also loves the fresh veggies and fish!

Lana also eats sushi for lunch and salads (with plenty of cheese and croutons on top). She typically drinks a glass of iced green tea with lunch.

If she’s looking for some heavier comfort food, Lana loves eating pasta and cheese. One restaurant in Seattle that she visits is called Simply Soulful Cafe. This restaurant has plenty of traditional American Southern food, including biscuits, fried chicken, collard greens, and macaroni and cheese that Lana orders.

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Lana’s Dinner

Lana loves eating noodles. She says she eats them almost every single night and she isn’t picky about the types of noodles that she eats. She will eat them all. But some of her favourite noodle-based dishes are:

  • Spaghetti with homemade marinara sauce. She makes her sauce with fresh onions, basil, and garlic. She will serve it with fried Italian chicken sausages, extra virgin olive oil, and Pecorino Romano cheese.
  • Ramen
  • Udon noodles with fish cakes and shrimp tempura
  • Chow mein

She likes to eat her dinner with a glass of red or white wine.

If Lana’s willing to give up the noodles, she might make some homemade pizza instead. She makes her pizza crust with:

  • 2.5 cups of room temperature water (add more if necessary)
  • 2 tablespoons of yeast
  • 7 cups of flour
  • 6 tablespoons of olive oil

She tops her pizza with tomato sauce, Mozerella cheese, and basil. She also likes olives and onions on hers.

If she’s eating out with friends or her boyfriend, Lana tries to find local restaurants to visit, and she often shares where she goes on her Instagram story. For example, she enjoys eating the fried chicken burger at Seattle’s Eden Hill Provisions. She also loves the oysters and chicken and veggie kabobs at Dayton Harbor Oyster Company.

Lana’s Snacks

Lana doesn’t eat a lot of snacks because she’d rather just have a full meal! But, when she does snack, she likes to pick from:

  • Canned sardines with Himalayan salt
  • Canned oysters with crackers
  • Sea salt and vinegar chips
  • Seaweed

Lana likes to eat the chips right before bed as a bedtime treat.

Overcoming an Eating Disorder

Lana is very open about struggling with her body image. She grew as a dancer, and she felt a lot of pressure to be very thin in that environment. Over time, Lana developed a much healthier relationship with her body. She is able to accept her imperfections, and she wishes more women would too! She loves cheering on girls and women to love themselves and appreciate the things that make them unique.

Lana has also developed a better relationship with food, which is partially why she’s so open about what she’s eating. She wants to normalise eating a varied diet that is satisfying, healthy, and delicious. I really appreciate Lana’s perspective and her willingness to be so open about it!

Lana Condor’s Workout Routine

When the pandemic hit, Lana took some time off from working out. This was her first time off from work in a while, so she was tired and looking for rest. She took some time to relax at home, watching movies and taking time to herself. Eventually, though, she felt that she needed to get back into exercising.

Working out helps her feel good emotionally and physically. In fact, she says it helps her feel like she has some control over her life, which she needed during the stress of COVID-19.

Lana has a mental health condition called body dysmorphia. People with this condition tend to hyperfocus on flaws they see in their bodies, and these flaws can cause them anxiety and other negative side effects. Lana has to be careful to make sure she isn’t overexercising. Instead, she tries to do workouts that are challenging, but she’s willing to tell her body (and her trainer) “no” if she’s pushing herself too hard. If she needs a break, she takes a break.

Lana works out with celebrity trainer Paolo Mascitti. The two of them have a close relationship, and Lana feels comfortable letting him know if she feels like she’s pushing herself too hard. Lana works out at home in a gym she created herself.

Cardio and Other Workouts

Paolo has Lana do a mixture of steady-state cardio workouts and high-intensity interval training or (HIIT). During the HIIT workouts, Lana does some weighted work, such as lunges and squats with weights.

Lana loves jumping rope, especially between exercises to keep her heart rate up. In addition to a jump rope, a weighted resistance ball (she named her ball “Beatrice”) and dumbells are the common equipment pieces that she uses.

Even though Lana has been working out at home lately, she really loves going to in-person classes. Some of her favourites include boxing classes and hot yoga sculpt. When she’s in Los Angeles, she likes to go to Pilates Platinum, a Pilates reformer studio.

Before getting into acting, Lana was a classically-trained ballerina and contemporary dancer. She also rode horses all her life, which she considers a great workout!

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My Final Thoughts

Lana is a very open, positive person. I appreciate the way she shares her story and how she has come to accept herself as she is. I love that!

In terms of her diet and exercise, Lana does a good job of finding a balance that works for her. She works out often, keeping her body and mind healthy. At the same time, she enjoys food, and she isn’t afraid to pick meals that make her feel good while also tasting good.

I really loved learning more about Lana and her approach to health. :)

Love Rachael Xx

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