When you talk to most PTs, they will tell you that the best way to tone your arms is by lifting heavy weights. And if your goal is to strengthen and grow your muscles, then this will work for you.

But if you’re looking for more lean muscles, then you should avoid lifting heavy as that will certainly lead to unwanted muscle bulk.

To tone your arms (and your entire body) you need to:

  • Do cardio
  • Don’t skip resistance training
  • Make sure you’re eating a healthy diet

As we mentioned above, you shouldn’t skip resistance training. You should be sticking to bodyweight resistance training or low-weight, high-repetition workouts.

Just keep an eye out that none of the exercises you are doing are growing your muscles. You especially need to be careful if you are an endomorph or a mesomorph.

Now let’s get to this lean and toned arm workout which won’t cause you bulk and will help you get the results you want!

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How to Do the Circuit:

  • Complete 12-15 reps of each exercise
  • Complete 3 rounds
  • Try to keep the rest to a minimum
  • You’ll need is a pair of dumbbells (if you don’t have any you can use bottles of water as a substitute)
  • Bench is optional

Try This Lean and Toned Arm Workout



workout to tone your arms


workout to lean your arms


toned arm workout


workout for toned arms


lean arms workout

The best way to slim and tone your arms is to lose body fat overall (since you can’t spot reduce fat). We have a variety of resistance training workouts on our Instagram that will help you do just that.

We also have several 8 week workout programs that target different problem areas of your body as well as work your entire body, to help you reach your body goals. Make sure to check them out to see which one would work best for you!

Love from Rachael and the Femme Nativa Team


Rachael is an Australian born certified personal trainer and nutritionist who holds a Bachelor degree in Science.

After struggling for years to find an exercise and diet program that is tailored to women striving for lean and toned body with no bulk she designed her Lean Legs Program. This program is tailored to each body type and focused on helping women get toned but feminine bodies, without getting bulky.

Her mission is to empower women and help them stay in shape in a healthy and balanced way.

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  1. Hi Rachael! Very excited to try the arm workouts! Because of you, I am interested in boxing punches. While I save up for better boxing equipment, I wanted to know, what dumbbell weights do you recommend for mesomorphs who want to burn fat without getting bulky? I’ve seen workouts with dumbbells, but I don’t know whether to stay under 5lb. or up to 12 lb. What do you suggest?

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