Lucy Liu is a wonderful actor and a beautiful woman! I love her in Charlie’s Angels and on Elementary. In addition to her wonderful acting, Lucy is a mom, director and producer, human-rights advocate, and artist. I am excited to share more about what she does to stay in great shape with you all.


Lucy wants to be as healthy as possible. She is over 50 years old, and she believes that eating well is key to helping her stay healthy! For her, a vegetarian diet is what feels the best. She tried being vegan for about a year. However, she found that she missed eating cheese and eggs, which are ingredients she includes in her son’s meals frequently. Because of this, as well as the recommendation of her acupuncturist, she switched to vegetarianism. Lucy likes that being a vegetarian helps her feel energetic and also prevents her from feeling as bloated.

In general, she tries to eat a balanced diet without depriving herself of too much. When she’s exercising more, she is more likely to grab the occasional sweet or treat meal. She knows that depriving herself of food can lead to binge eating, so she has a treat every so often.

Lucy also likes to pick organic produce. She notices a difference when she eats non-organic foods. She says they make her feel tired. In the past, Lucy has also tried gluten-free diets, although now she focuses instead on eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.

In addition to focusing on eating well, Lucy takes a daily multivitamin and vitamins D and C. She feels like they help keep her immune system strong and prevent her from catching illnesses. Occasionally, Lucy does juice cleanses. When she does this, she’ll drink juice for most of the day and then have one meal. :)

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Lucy’s go-to breakfast is juice with bananas and berries. If she needs some extra fuel, she’ll make a breakfast burrito. In her burrito, she usually puts spinach, a fried egg, and tomatoes.


Prior to becoming a vegetarian, Lucy regularly ate fish with steamed veggies. She also enjoys salads.

Lucy also drinks a green juice in the middle of most days, especially if she’s working on set.

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Lucy enjoys cooking. For dinner, she likes to make savory quinoa porridge or different types of soups. One of her favourite types of soup includes red dates, lotus root, and lion’s mane mushrooms.

Sometimes, Lucy will treat herself to a vegetarian pizza or pasta with pesto. Yum!


Lucy has always been interested in working out. She does her own stunts, and she loves putting in hard hours to achieve a certain fitness level for movies. In addition to this, Lucy wants to have a positive, shame-free relationship with her body. She knows that, in Hollywood, people are judged by the weight they lose or gain, and she has learned to be content with the way she looks. Working out and developing strength and coordination have helped her accept herself more.

Lucy does a variety of different types of workouts. Most days, she wakes up at 6 a.m. and quickly heads to the gym or begins her workout. She typically works out for about an hour.


Lucy loves SoulCycle. She says it gives her energy to keep her mind alert. When she’s filming, this is really important, because it helps her memorise her lines. She also likes working out with a group of people. They help give her energy and keep her on track. Lucy loves SoulCycle so much that she even has some favourite instructors. She loves working out with trainer Isaac Boots.

During the pandemic, Lucy has been attending 20-minute SoulCycle classes from her own apartment most mornings. She says SoulCycle is a great way to reduce stress. :)

Lucy also likes to go for runs and walks with her dog as forms of cardio exercise. When she’s struggling to get motivated, sometimes Lucy will run on her treadmill at home while watching Downton Abbey. Lucy feels like running is the best way for her to lose weight when she wants to lose a few extra pounds.

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On mornings she does SoulCycle from her apartment, Lucy likes to end her session with some brief strength training. She’ll typically do about 10 minutes of upper body movements.


Lucy is a huge fan of Pilates. She works out with her trainer, Jared Kaplan, who also owns the Pilates studio Studio 26 in New York City. They typically do a Reformer Pilates routine, and Lucy says the counterweight from the Reformer helps her keep her muscles engaged. Because of this, she prefers Reformer Pilates to mat work.

Lucy doesn’t have long legs, and so she struggled with the way her legs looked at different points throughout her life. However, she thinks that Pilates has helped her achieve longer-looking, leaner, toned legs that she loves. In addition to this, Lucy feels that Pilates has helped her with her posture.

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Lucy loves keeping her friends and workout buddies up-to-date with her fitness-related goals. For a while, she and four of her friends had an email chain where they discussed their goals, shared healthy recipes, and celebrated their fitness accomplishments together.

She also loves working out with other people. As a mom, she also wants to stay healthy to take care of her son. :)

Finally, Lucy meditates twice a day. She will get up extra early to make time for it, and she tries to meditate for about 20 minutes every session.

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Lucy seems like an incredible woman! She has done so many different things with her life and her role as a celebrity. I so appreciate her desire to take care of her body and feel her best as she gets older! She looks amazing, and, more importantly, seems to feel happy and healthy too. :)

Love Rachael Xx

Image Credit: Lucy Liu’s Instagram

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